Risk Management and Insurance Review

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Edited By: Patricia Born & Gene Lai

Online ISSN: 1540-6296

Associated Title(s): Journal of Risk and Insurance

Society Information

The American Risk and Insurance Association

ARIA is the premier professional association of insurance scholars and other thoughtful insurance and risk management professionals. Through ARIA, members receive many valuable tools and opportunities for enlightenment, growth and education. Conferences, research papers, and recognition combine to make ARIA well worth joining.

Founded in 1932, the association's membership is comprised of academics, individual insurance industry representatives, and institutional sponsors. ARIA emphasizes research relevant to the operational concerns and functions of insurance professionals, and provides resources, information and support on important insurance issues. Our goals also include the expansion and improvement of academic instruction to students of risk management and insurance.

To that end, the association:

1. Encourages research on all significant aspects of risk management and insurance;
2. Communicates the findings of our research;
3. Provides forums for scholarly discussion of risk management and insurance matters;
4. Publishes materials which contribute to the general purpose of the association; and
5. Develops and maintains relations with other U.S. and international organizations with  similar objectives and interests.
6. Maintains a job database for terminally qualified academicians and professionals desiring academic positions.

's ability to provide networking, information, and support on important insurance issues makes it a valuable organization to its members. Those provisions come from a variety of awards, publications, and conferences, including The Journal of Risk and Insurance, Risk Management and Insurance Review, ARIA's Annual Meeting, and the annual Risk Theory Seminar.

For more information on ARIA, visit www.aria.org