Cover image for Vol. 56 Issue 2

Edited By: The Rev. Dr. Kristin Johnston Largen

Online ISSN: 1540-6385

Virtual Issue: Theology for Life in the 21st Century

by Kristin Johnston Largen

Since its inception, Dialog has been commited to fostering constructive engagement between theology and the world at large. This includes, among other things, work on interreligious dialogue, conversation between religion and science, and critical reflection on social issues such as torture, sexuality, and bioethics. Along with this commitment comes another: the conviction that theological reflection and insight has a critical role to play in the public square. The unique perspective theology brings to the most pressing issues of our time is of critical importance in facilitating the difficult but necessary tasks of community building, alleviating suffering, and healing the earth. To this end, Dialog's authors engage the depth and breadth of the Christian tradition with innovative, constructive scholarship, providing insight into how we might think differently, live faithfully, and act justly in the face of life's many challenges. With these commitments in mind, we offer the following articles for your consideration. They highlight a small sampling of the creative work being done by our outstanding authors. It is our hope that these articles stimulate your own theological thinking about life in the 21st century, and persuade you of theology's relevance and importance in the many and varied contexts in which we find ourselves today.

Decolonizing the Language of Lutheran Theology: Confessions, Mission, Indians, and the Globalization of Hybridity
George Tinker

The Pursuit of Happiness: The Virtue of Consumption and the Consumption of Virtue
Mindy Makant

Luther, Feminism, Friendship and the Future
Deanna Thompson

Borders, Globalization and Eucharistic Hospitality
áudio Carvalhaes

Reading Their Book of Faith: North American Muslims and Their Interpretations of the Quran in the Post 9/11 Era
David Grafton

A Christian Rationale for Vegetarianism
Kristin Johnston Largen

Gay, Lesbian, and Queer Theologies: Origins, Contributions, and Challenges
Mary Elise Lowe

Torture Is the Ticking Time- Bomb: Why Necessity Defense Fails
George Hunsinger

The Future of Luther's Theology
Scott Hendrix

On Being Lutheran in a Religiously Plural World
Paul O. Ingram