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Most accessed Biometrics articles from 2015

Statistical Inference in a Stochastic Epidemic SEIR Model with Control Intervention: Ebola as a Case Study
Phenyo E. Lekone, Bärbel F. Finkenstädt
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Causal mediation analysis with multiple mediators
R. M. Daniel, B. L. De Stavola, S. N. Cousens, S. Vansteelandt
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Distance ased Tests for Homogeneity of Multivariate Dispersions
Marti J. Anderson
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Survival Model Predictive Accuracy and ROC Curves
Patrick J. Heagerty, Yingye Zheng
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Parametric likelihood inference for interval censored competing risks data
Michael G. Hudgens, Chenxi Li, Jason P. Fine
Biometrics 2014, vol. 70

Equivalence of MAXENT and Poisson Point Process Models for Species Distribution Modeling in Ecology
Ian W. Renner, David I. Warton
Biometrics 2013, vol. 69

On Bayesian estimation of marginal structural models
Olli Saarela, David A. Stephens, Erica E. M. Moodie, Marina B. Klein
Biometrics 2015, vol. 71

Computational aspects of N mixture models
Emily B. Dennis, Byron J.T. Morgan, Martin S. Ridout
Biometrics 2015, vol. 71

Robust meta-analytic-predictive priors in clinical trials with historical control information
Heinz Schmidli, Sandro Gsteiger, Satrajit Roychoudhury, Anthony O'Hagan, David Spiegelhalter, Beat Neuenschwander
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Doubly Robust Estimation in Missing Data and Causal Inference Models
Heejung Bang, James M. Robins
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Models for Estimating Abundance from Repeated Counts of an Open Metapopulation
D. Dail, L. Madsen
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A Statistical Framework for eQTL Mapping Using RNA
Wei Sun
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Combining Multiple Comparisons and Modeling Techniques in Dose Response Studies
F. Bretz, J. C. Pinheiro, M. Branson
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Trim and Fill: A Simple Funnel-Plot–Based Method of Testing and Adjusting for Publication Bias in Meta-Analysis
Sue Duval, Richard Tweedie
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Inflated Poisson and Binomial Regression with Random Effects: A Case Study
Daniel B. Hall
Biometrics 2000, vol. 56

N-Mixture Models for Estimating Population Size from Spatially Replicated Counts
J. Andrew Royle
Biometrics 2004, vol. 60

On Estimation in Relative Survival
Maja Pohar Perme, Janez Stare, Jacques Estève
Biometrics 2012, vol. 68

Genomic Control for Association Studies
B. Devlin, Kathryn Roeder
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Dynamic Predictions and Prospective Accuracy in Joint Models for Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data
Dimitris Rizopoulos
Biometrics 2011, vol. 67

Quantifying and comparing dynamic predictive accuracy of joint models for longitudinal marker and time-to-event in presence of censoring and competing risks
Paul Blanche, Cécile Proust-Lima, Lucie Loubère, Claudine Berr, Jean-François Dartigues, Hélène Jacqmin-Gadda
Biometrics 2014, vol. 71

Abundance-Based Similarity Indices and Their Estimation When There Are Unseen Species in Samples
Anne Chao, Robin L. Chazdon, Robert K. Colwell, Tsung-Jen Shen
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Estimating peer effects in longitudinal dyadic data using instrumental variables
A. James O'Malley, Felix Elwert, J. Niels Rosenquist, Alan M. Zaslavsky, Nicholas A. Christakis
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Instrumental variable additive hazards models
Jialiang Li, Jason Fine, Alan Brookhart
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Akaike's Information Criterion in Generalized Estimating Equations
Wei Pan
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Minimum clinically important difference in medical studies
A. S. Hedayat, Junhui Wang, Tu Xu
Biometrics 2014, vol. 71