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The Policy and Politics of Fracking


Read the latest research from Review of Policy Research on fracking, shale gas and the politics of fracking internationally.

Introduction from the Editor
It is my pleasure to introduce the journal’s first ‘virtual special issue’ on the The Politics and Policy of Fracking. This group of papers has been published in Review of Policy Research: The Politics and Policy of Science and Technology, over the last two years. The growth in research on hydraulic fracturing and shale gas extraction is certainly timely and I am very happy that the journal continues to be an outlet for critical contemporary analysis of emerging science, technology and environmental issues. I have been studying environmental politics for over twenty years, and I can think of very few issues where jurisdictions – many in very close proximity to one another geographically and ideologically – have such divergent perspectives on the risks, benefits and regulatory regimes of an issue.

I hope this collection of papers inspires current and future scholars to examine a range of questions needing careful assessment in future, such as: the relationship and conflict between local, sub-national and national governments in regulating, siting and approving hydraulic fracturing operations; the politics of risk and risk perception; the relationship between domestic and global energy security and how concerns about environmental health and safety temper or influence broader energy security goals; and, the factors explaining convergence and divergence in support for and rejection of hydraulic fracturing within the same country and between countries. Thank you for your interest in the journal and this collection of papers on hydraulic fracturing in the US and globally.

Christopher Gore

The Politics of “Fracking”: Regulating Natural Gas Drilling Practices in Colorado and Texas
Charles Davis

The Shale Gas Revolution: U.S. and EU Policy and Research Agendas
Tim Boersma and Corey Johnson

Conventional Politics for Unconventional Drilling? Lessons from Pennsylvania’s Early Move into Fracking Policy Development
Barry Rabe and Christopher Borick

The Right to Know? State Politics of Fracking Disclosure
Jonathan M. Fisk

Energy Abundance or Environmental Worries? Analyzing Public Support for Fracking in the United States
Charles Davis and Jonathan M. Fisk

Understanding a Period of Policy Change: The Case of Hydraulic Fracturing Disclosure Policy in Colorado
Tanya Heikkila, Jonathan J. Pierce, Samuel Gallaher, Jennifer Kagan, Deserai A. Crow and Christopher M. Weible

Understanding State Rulemaking Processes: Developing Fracking Rules in Colorado, New York, and Ohio
Sara Rinfret, Jeffrey J. Cook and Michelle C. Pautz