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Journal of Food Science Education

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Edited By: Shelly Schmidt

Online ISSN: 1541-4329

Associated Title(s): Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, Journal of Food Science

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Resources for K-12 Teachers,

Published: 01 Aug 2011

Edited By: Grady Chism

Introduction: This special issue of the Journal of Food Science Education (JFSE) provides K-12 teachers with ideas and resources that can assist them in utilizing food to enhance the interest and learning of their students. These articles were selected to provide a range of approaches and, hopefully, provide something that every reader can apply in their classroom. I encourage you to regularly read JFSE and take advantage of this open access journal. I particularly recommend that you read Jim Bird's regular column, "Food Science Education Publications and Websites", that highlights internet resources. Most of you would find Jim's "Gems" very useful. -Grady Chism, Scientific Editor, JFSE

Chromatography of Food Dyes: A Simple Demonstration for Actively Engaging High School Students in the Chemistry of Foods
Grady W. Chism

Food Science Education Publications and Websites
Jim Bird

Teacher's Resource Guide

Development and Evaluation of an Online, Inquiry-Based Food Safety Education Program for Secondary Teachers and Their Students
Patricia A. Beffa-Negrini, Nancy L. Cohen, Mary Jane Laus, Lynne A. McLandsborough

Validation of an Interdisciplinary Food Safety Curriculum Targeted at Middle School Students and Correlated to State Educational Standards
Jennifer Richards, Gary Skolits, Janie Burney, Ashley Pedigo, F. Ann Draughon

Development of an Educational Packet for Persons with Life-Threatening Food Allergies
Bradley F. Olson, Suzanne Teuber, Christine M. Bruhn

Using Food as a Tool to Teach Science to 3rd Grade Students in Appalachian Ohio
Melani W. Duffrin, Jana Hovland, Virginia Carraway-Stage, Sara McLeod, Christopher Duffrin, Sharon Phillips, David Rivera, Diana Saum, George Johanson, Annette Graham, Tammy Lee, Michael Bosse, Darlene Berryman

The Science of Pizza: The Molecular Origins of Cheese, Bread, and Digestion Using Interactive Activities for the General Public
Amy C. Rowat, Daniel Rosenberg, Kathryn A. Hollar, Howard A. Stone