The Journal of American Culture

Cover image for Vol. 39 Issue 4

Edited By: Kathy Merlock Jackson

Online ISSN: 1542-734X

Society Information

The American Culture Association (ACA) was founded to include traditional studies of American literature, the arts, and history – areas it felt were neglected in the study of popular culture. An interdisciplinary organization, the ACA includes many specialty areas, including: aesthetics, cemeteries and graveyards, theater, humor, media studies, Franco-American relations, gay and lesbian studies, Native American studies, politics, WASP culture, women's studies, and numerous others. ACA members receive a full subscription to The Journal of American Culture as a benefit of membership. 

Following is a list of areas of interest within the association. Each year, a poster is distributed with the point of contact address for each Area. Members of the organization receive this announcement as a benefit of membership.

  • Aesthetics
  • Art and Architecture
  • Cemeteries and Graveyards
  • Public History and Monuments
  • Literature
  • Classic American Authors
  • Popular American Authors
  • Humor
  • Literature and Politics
  • Sea Literature
  • Sociology and Literature
  • Theatre
  • Writing, Rhetoric, and Social Discourse
  • War Studies/Peace Studies
  • Media
  • Journalism and Media Culture
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Society
  • Academics
  • American Christianity
  • Education-Culture-Business Issues
  • Ethnicity
  • Folk Culture and Life
  • Franco-American Relations
  • Gay and Lesbian Studies
  • Gender and Material Culture
  • Masculinities
  • Native American
  • Politics
  • WASP Culture
  • Womens Studies