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Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in the Translation of Genomics Into Health Care
Badzek, Laurie; Henaghan, Mark; Turner, Martha; Monsen, Rita

Relevance of Genomics to Healthcare and Nursing Practice
Calzone, Kathleen A.; Jenkins, Jean; Nicol, Nick; Skirton, Heather; Feero, W. Gregory; Green, Eric D.

Current and Emerging Technology Approaches in Genomics
Conley, Yvette P.; Biesecker, Leslie G.; Gonsalves, Stephen; Merkle, Carrie J.; Kirk, Maggie; Aouizerat, Bradley E.

Implications of Newborn Screening for Nurses
DeLuca, Jane; Zanni, Karen L.; Bonhomme, Natasha; Kemper, Alex R.

Genomics and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Johnson, Norah L.; Giarelli, Ellen; Lewis, Celine; Rice, Catherine E.

Integration of Genomics in Cancer Care
Monteiro Santos, Erika Maria; Edwards, Quannetta T.; Floria-Santos, Milena; Rogatto, Silvia Regina; Waddington Achatz, Maria Isabel; MacDonald, Deborah J.

A Blueprint for Genomic Nursing Science
Calzone, Kathleen A.; Jenkins, Jean; Bakos, Alexis D.; Cashion, Ann K.; Donaldson, Nancy; Feero, W. Gregory; Feetham, Suzanne; Grady, Patricia A.; Hinshaw, Ada Sue; Knebel, Ann R.; Robinson, Nellie; Ropka, Mary E.; Seibert, Diane; Stevens, Kathleen R.; Tully, Lois A.; Webb, Jo Ann

Cardiovascular Genomics
Wung, Shu-Fen; Hickey, Kathleen T.; Taylor, Jacquelyn Y.; Gallek, Matthew J.

An Update of Childhood Genetic Disorders
Prows, Cynthia A.; Hopkin, Robert J.; Barnoy, Sivia; Van Riper, Marcia

An Overview of the Genomics of Metabolic Syndrome
Taylor, Jacquelyn Y.; Kraja, Aldi T.; de las Fuentes, Lisa; Stanfill, Ansley Grimes; Clark, Ashley; Cashion, Ann

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