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A New Theoretical Model for the Development of Pressure Ulcers and Other Dependence-Related Lesions
Francisco Pedro García-Fernández PhD, MsN, RN; J. Javier Soldevilla Agreda PhD, Bas, RN; José Verdú PhD, MsN, RN; Pedro L. Pancorbo-Hidalgo PhD, BSc, RN

Frequency and Duration of Nursing Care Related to Older Patient Mobility
Barbara Doherty-King PhD, APRN-BC; Ju Young Yoon PhD, RN; Kristen Pecanac MS, RN; Roger Brown PhD; Jane Mahoney MD, MS

Basic Nursing Care to Prevent Nonventilator Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia
Barbara Quinn MSN, CNS, RN; Dian L. Baker PhD, APRN-BC, PNP; Shannon Cohen PhD, APRN-BC, FNP; Jennifer L. Stewart MSN, RN; Christine A. Lima PhD, MN, RN; Carol Parise PhD

An Integrative Review of Knowing the Patient
Cynthia Diamond Zolnierek PhD, RN

Charting Future Directions in Nursing Research: NINR's Innovative Questions Initiative
Patricia A. Grady PhD, RN, FAAN

Clinical Relevance of Routinely Measured Vital Signs in Hospitalized Patients: A Systematic Review
Marja N. Storm-Versloot RN, PhD;Lotte Verweij RN, MSc; Cees Lucas PhD; Jeroen Ludikhuize MD; J. Carel Goslings MD, PhD; Dink A. Legemate MD, PhD; Hester Vermeulen RN, PhD

Family Sense of Coherence and Family Adaptation Among Childbearing Couples
Fei-Wan Ngai PhD; Siew-Fei Ngu MBBS (London), MRCOG

Impact of a Smoking Cessation Educational Program on Nurses’ Interventions
Linda P. Sarna RN, PhD, FAAN; Stella Aguinaga Bialous RN, DrPH, FAAN;Eva Kraliková MD, PhD; Alexandra Kmetova MD; Vladislava Felbrová RN; Stanislava Kulovaná RN, Katerina Malá RN, Eva Roubicková RN; Marjorie J. Wells RN, PhD; Jenny K. Brook MS

The Praxis of Courage as a Foundation for Care
Sara F. Hawkins MSN, RN; Janice Morse PhD(Nurs), PhD(Anthro), FAAN

Typologies of Professional Identity Among Graduating Baccalaureate-Prepared Nurses
Desiree Hensel PhD, RN, PCNS-BC, CNE

Unacknowledged Threats Proffered “in a Manner of Speaking”: Recognizing Workplace Bullying as Shaming
Laura Cox Dzurec PhD, PMHCNS-BC; Monica Kennison EdD, RN; Raya Albataineh BSN

Workplace Violence and Occupational Stress in Healthcare Workers: A Chicken-and-Egg Situation—Results of a 6-Year Follow-up Study
Nicola Magnavita MD

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