Visual Anthropology Review

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Edited By: Jenny Chio and Rupert Cox

Online ISSN: 1548-7458


  • Figure 1

    Figure 1

    Marie Antoinette's sneakers, from Marie Antoinette.

  • Figure 7

    Figure 7

    The “trompe l'oeil” moment during the first shot of the film, a 360-degree pan surveying the worksite.

  • Figure 6

    Figure 6

    If Yoda was an Indian by Bunky Echo-Hawk.

  • Figure 4

    Figure 4

    Annotated drawings of ears, indicating both the names of the individuals, with notes about the physical characteristics of their ears. Annotations: rainbow+mbat imeet; (top ear) slight widening; Masenrean; antihelix = in level to helix; pl of attachment; (middle ear) distinct overfold; no overfold; slight depression; pt att. Antihelix depressed below level of helix. Angle 1; (bottom ear) MILMILIAG Albino at Venian, man and his mother albinos. LOKON MS 90/2/1632.

  • Figure 1
  • Figure 7
  • Figure 6
  • Figure 4

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