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Edited By: David J. Green, John Halloran, David W. Johnson Jr, Lisa Klein

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Featured articles from previous issues

Beginning with Volume 96, Issue 8 David Green, Editor of the Journal of the American Ceramic Society, selects featured articles from each issue.

Editor David Green

May 2015, Volume 98, Issue 5

Melting and Crystallization of Silicate Systems Relevant to Thermal Barrier Coating Damage
Elisa M. Zaleski, Charlotte Ensslen and Carlos G. Levi

Crack Healing in Ti2Al0.5Sn0.5C–Al2O3 Composites
Guo Ping Bei, Birgit Joana Pedimonte, Marc Pezoldt, Johannes Ast, Tobias Fey, Mathias Goeken and Peter Greil

Emergence and Extinction of a New Phase During On–Off Experiments Related to Flash Sintering of 3YSZ
Jean-Marie Lebrun, Timothy G. Morrissey, John S. C. Francis, Kevin C. Seymour, Waltraud M. Kriven and Rishi Raj

April 2015, Volume 98, Issue 4

Phase Stability in Nanocrystals: A Predictive Diagram for Yttria–Zirconia
John W. Drazin and Ricardo H. R. Castro

Influence of Complexion Transitions on Microstructure Evolution in Specialty Aluminas
Abigail K. Lawrence, Animesh Kundu, Martin P. Harmer, Charles Compson, Joe Atria and Marcel Spreij

Tough Alumina/Polymer Layered Composites with High Ceramic Content
Konstantin Livanov, Hans Jelitto, Benny Bar-On, Karl Schulte, Gerold A. Schneider and Daniel H. Wagner

March 2015, Volume 98, Issue 3

On the Effect of Birefringence on Light Transmission in Polycrystalline Magnesium Fluoride
Tzu-Chien Wen and Dinesh K. Shetty

The Effects of Microstructure and Confinement on the Compressive Fragmentation of an Advanced Ceramic
James D. Hogan, Lukasz Farbaniec, Matt Shaeffer and K. T. Rameshe

Effects of Tow-Scale Holes on the Mechanical Performance of a 3D Woven C/SiC Composite
John H. Shaw, Michael N. Rossol, David B. Marshall and Frank W. Zok

January 2015, Volume 98, Issue 1

Volume Expansion Caused by Water Penetration into Silica Glass
Sheldon M. Wiederhorn, Feng Yi, David LaVan, Lee J. Richter, Theo Fett and Michael J. Hoffmann

Characterizing In-Plane Geometrical Variability in Textile Ceramic Composites
Michael N. Rossol, Tony Fast, David B. Marshall, Brian N. Cox and Frank W. Zok

In Situ Diffraction Study of the High-Temperature Decomposition of t′-Zirconia
Jessica A. Krogstad, Yan Gao, Jianming Bai, Jun Wang, Don M. Lipkin and Carlos G. Levi

December 2014, Volume 97, Issue 12

2ZrO2•Y2O3 Thermal Barrier Coatings Resistant to Degradation by Molten CMAS: Part I, Optical Basicity Considerations and Processing
Amanda R. Krause, Bilge S. Senturk,, Hector F. Garces, Gopal Dwivedi, Angel L. Ortiz, Sanjay Sampath and Nitin P. Padture

2ZrO2•Y2O3 Thermal Barrier Coatings Resistant to Degradation by Molten CMAS: Part II, Interactions with Sand and Fly Ash
Amanda R. Krause, Hector F. Garces, Bilge S. Senturk and Nitin P. Padture

Gadolinium Zirconate/YSZ Thermal Barrier Coatings: Plasma Spraying, Microstructure, and Thermal Cycling Behavior
Emine Bakan, Daniel E. Mack, Georg Mauer and Robert Vaßen

November 2014, Volume 97, Issue 11

Progress and New Directions in Calorimetry: A 2014 Perspective
Alexandra Navrotsky

Model of Oxidation-Induced Fiber Fracture in SiC/SiC Composites
Wenbo Xu, Frank W. Zok and Robert M. McMeeking

Effect of Ferroelectric Polarization on Ionic Transport and Resistance Degradation in BaTiO3 by Phase-Field Approach
Ye Cao, Jie Shen, Clive Randall and Long-Qing Chen

October 2014, Volume 97, Issue 10

Near-Net-Shaping Methods for Ceramic Elements of (Body) Armor Systems
Silvia Leo, Carolina Tallon, Nigel Stone and George V. Franks

Accurate Determination of Optical Functions of Ge–As–Te Glasses via Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
Petra Hawlová, Frédéric Verger, Virginie Nazabal, Rémi Boidin and Petr Němec

Electric Fields Obviate Constrained Sintering
Shikhar K. Jha and Rishi Raj

September 2014, Volume 97, Issue 9

Quantifying Compositional Homogeneity in Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 Using Atom Probe Tomography
Rita Kirchhofer, David R. Diercks, Brian P. Gorman, Jon F. Ihlefeld, Paul G. Kotula, Christopher T. Shelton and Geoff L. Brennecka

Hydrophobicity of Thin Films of Compounds of Low-Electronegativity Metals
Sergei Zenkin, Šimon Kos and Jindřich Musil

Engineered Multilayer Thermal Barrier Coatings for Enhanced Durability and Functional Performance
Vaishak Viswanathan, Gopal Dwivedi and Sanjay Sampath

August 2014, Volume 97, Issue 8

Silicon Carbide Oxidation in Steam up to 2 MPa
Kurt A. Terrani, Bruce A. Pint, Chad M. Parish, Chinthaka M. Silva, Lance L. Snead and Yutai Katoh

A First Report of Photoemission in Experiments Related to Flash Sintering
Jean-Marie Lebrun and Rishi Raj

Crystallography of Interfaces and Grain Size Distributions in Sr-Doped LaMnO3
Qinyuan Liu, Sudip Bhattacharya, Lam Helmick, Sean P. Donegan, Anthony D. Rollett, Gregory S. Rohrer and Paul A. Salvador

July 2014, Volume 97, Issue 7

BiFeO3 Ceramics: Processing, Electrical, and Electromechanical Properties
Tadej Rojac, Andreja Bencan, Barbara Malic, Goknur Tutuncu, Jacob L. Jones, John E. Daniels and Dragan Damjanovic

Crystal Templating with Mutually Miscible Solvents: A Simple Path to Hierarchical Porosity
Christian Guizard, Jérôme Leloup and Sylvain Deville

Samarium-Doped Oxyfluoride Glass-Ceramic as a New Fast Erasable Dosimetric Detector Material for Microbeam Radiation Cancer Therapy Applications at the Canadian Synchrotron
Go Okada, Jumpei Ueda, Setsuhisa Tanabe, George Belev, Tomasz Wysokinski, Dean Chapman, Dancho Tonchev and Safa Kasap

June 2014, Volume 97, Issue 6

Thermodynamics of Ferroelectric Solid Solutions with Morphotropic Phase Boundaries
Adam A. Heitmann and George A. Rossetti Jr.

Nonlinear Absorption of Submicrometer Grain-Size Cobalt-Doped Magnesium Aluminate Transparent Ceramics
Anna Wajler, Anna Kozłowska, Magdalena Nakielska, Kamila Leśniewska-Matys, Agata Sidorowicz, Dariusz Podniesiński and Piotr Putyra

Flash Sintering of Nanocrystalline Zinc Oxide and its Influence on Microstructure and Defect Formation
Christoph Schmerbauch, Jesus Gonzalez-Julian, Robert Röder, Carsten Ronning and Olivier Guillon

May 2014, Volume 97, Issue 5

Review: Down Conversion Materials for Solid-State Lighting
Joanna McKittrick and Lauren E. Shea-Rohwer

Growth of Highly (100)-Oriented SrTiO3 Thin Films on Si(111) Substrates Without Buffer Layer
Gasidit Panomsuwan, Osamu Takai and Nagahiro Saito

Anisotropic Grain Boundary Mobility in Undoped and Doped Alumina
Ran Akiva, Alexander Katsman and Wayne D. Kaplan

March 2014, Volume 97, Issue 3

Electric Fatigue of Lead-Free Piezoelectric Materials
Julia Glaum, Mark Hoffman

Nanodomains in KNN-Based Lead-Free Piezoelectric ceramics: Origin of Strong Piezoelectric Properties
Yu Huan, Xiaohui Wang, Zhengbo Shen, Jingyong Kim, Huihua Zhou, Longtu Li

The Uniaxial Tensile Response of Porous and Microcracked Ceramic Materials
Amit Pandey, Amit Shyam, Thomas R. Watkins, Edgar Lara-Curzio, Randy J. Stafford, Kevin J. Hemker

February 2014, Volume 97, Issue 2

Ferroelectric Transition and Low-Temperature Dielectric Relaxations in Filled Tungsten Bronzes
Xiao Li Zhu, Kun Li, Xiang Ming Chen

Stable and Color-Tailorable WHite Light from Blue LEDs Using Color-Converting Phosphor-Glass Composites
Seungryeol Yi, Woon Jin Chung, Jong Heo

The Effect of Electric Field on Sintering and Electrical Conductivity of Titania
Shikhar K. Jha, Rishi Raj

November 2013, Volume 96, Issue 11

Water Vapor-Enhanced Diffusion in Alumina
Jesse P. Angle, Peter E.D. Morgan, Martha L. Mecartney

A Forming Technique to Produce Spherical Ceramic Beads Using Sodium Alginate as a Precursor Binder Phase
Christian J. Espinoza Santos, Teng-Sing Wei, Bumrae Cho, Waltraud M. Kriven

Dielectric Breakdown of Polycrystalline Alumina: A Weakest-Link Failure Analysis
Benjamin Block, Youngjin Kim, Dinesh K. Shetty

October 2013, Volume 96, Issue 10

Corrosion of Silicon Nitride Materials in Aqueous Solutions
M. Herrmann

The Solubility Limit of CaO in α-Alumina at 1600°C
Ran Akiva, Alex Berner, Wayne D. Kaplan

A Novel Magnetodielectric Solid Solution Ceramic 0.4LiFe5O8–0.6Li2MgTi3O8 with Excellent Microwave Dielectric Properties
Li He, Di Zhou, Feng Xiang, Panpan Chang, Yong Li, Hong Wang

September 2013, Volume 96, Issue 9

Rethinking Optical Fiber: New Demands, Old Glasses
John Ballato, Peter Dragic

A Lead-Free and High-Energy Density Ceramic for Energy Storage Applications
Tatiana M. Correia, et. al.

Effect of Switching Atmospheric Conditions during Crystallization on the Phase Evolution of Solution-Derived Lead Zirconate Titanate Thin Films
Sungwook Mhin, et. al.

Influence of the Field and the Current Limit on Flash Sintering at Isothermal Furnace Temperatures
John S. C. Francis, Rishi Raj

Vertical Scanning Interferometry: A New Method to Measure the Dissolution Dynamics of Cementitious Minerals
Aditya Kumar, et al.

August 2013, Volume 96, Issue 8

Magnetic Field-Induced Ferroelectric Switching in Multiferroic Aurivillius Phase Thin Films at Room Temperature
Lynette Keeney, et al.

Gas Sensing Behavior of Mesoporous SiOC Glasses
Aylin Karakuscu, et al.

Characterizing Weave Geometry in Textile Ceramic Composites Using Digital Image Correlation
Michael N. Rossol, et al.

Material and Elastic Properties of Al-Tobermorite in Ancient Roman Seawater Concrete
Marie D. Jackson, et al.