Journal of Neuroimaging

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Edited By: Rohit Bakshi, Editor-in-Chief

Online ISSN: 1552-6569

Society Information

The American Society of Neuroimaging (ASN) is an international, professional organization representing neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, and other neuroscientists who are dedicated to the advancement of any technique used to image the nervous system. The ASN supports the right of qualified physicians to utilize neuroimaging modalities for the evaluation and management of their patients, and the rights of patients with neurological disorders to have access to appropriate neuroimaging modalities and to physicians qualified in their use and interpretation.

The goal of the ASN is to promote the highest standards of neuroimaging in clinical practice, thereby improving the quality of medical care for patients with diseases of the nervous system. This goal is accomplished through:

  • Presenting scientific and educational programs at an annual meeting and through the promotion of fellowships, preceptorships, tutorials and seminars related to neuroimaging;
  • Publishing a scientific journal;
  • Formulating and promoting high standards of practice and setting training guidelines;
  • Evaluation of physician competency through examinations.

Benefits of ASN membership

  • Journal of Neuroimaging (print and online)
  • Representation in AMA House of Delegates
  • Access to online membership directory
  • Reduced fees for CME programs and certification exams
  • Support with neuroimaging practice
  • Opportunity to affect education, certification, and policy making on neuroimaging
  • Representation in Intersocietal Commission Representation in Intersocietal Commission for Accreditation of Vascular Labs (ICAVL) for Accreditation of Vascular Labs (ICAVL) and MR and CT Labs (ICAMRCTL)

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