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Edited By: Jeffrey A. Kline, MD

Online ISSN: 1553-2712

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1. Deliberate Practice and Acquisition of Expert Performance: A General Overview
Anders Ericsson

2. Caffeinated Cocktails: Energy Drink Consumption, High-risk Drinking, and Alcohol-related Consequences among College Students
Mary Claire O’Brien, Thomas P. McCoy, Scott D. Rhodes, et al.

3. Suicidal Behavior in Children Younger than Twelve: A Diagnostic Challenge for Emergency Department Personnel
Carl L. Tishler, Natalie Staats Reiss and Angel R. Rhodes

4. Validation of the Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale in Pediatric Emergency Department
Gregory Garra, Adam J. Singer, Breena R. Taira, et al.

5. Reliability of the Visual Analog Scale for Measurement of Acute Pain
Polly E. Bijur, Wendy Silver, and E. John Gallagher

6. SAEM Abstracts to Articles: 1997 and 1999-2001
Siu Fai Li, Tom Umemoto, Pascal Crosley and Christine Cassidy

7. The Effect of Emergency Department Crowding on Clinically Oriented Outcomes
Steven L. Bernstein, Dominik Aronsky, Reena Duseja, et al.

8. Correlation of Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter with Direct Measurement of Intracranial Pressure
Heidi Harbison Kimberly, Sachita Shah, Keith Marill and Vicki Noble

9. Does Team Training Work? Principles for Health Care
Eduardo Salas, Deborah DiazGranados, Sallie J. Weaver and Heidi King

10. Achieving Quality in Clinical Decision Making: Cognitive Strategies and Detection of Bias
Pat Croskerry