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Edited By: David C. Cone, MD

Online ISSN: 1553-2712

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Caffeinated Cocktails: Energy Drink Consumption, High-risk Drinking, and Alcohol-related Consequences among College Students
Mary Claire O’Brien, Thomas P. McCoy, Scott D. Rhodes, et al.

Deliberate Practice and Acquisition of Expert Performance: A General Overview
Anders Ericsson

Reliability of the Visual Analog Scale for Measurement of Acute Pain
Polly E. Bijur, Wendy Silver, E. John Gallagher

The Effect of Emergency Department Crowding on Clinically Oriented Outcomes
Steven L. Bernstein, Dominik Aronsky, Reena Duseja, et al.

Midazolam Versus Diazepam for the Treatment of Status Epilepticus in Children and Young Adults: A Meta-analysis
Jason McMullan, Comilla Sasson, Arthur Pancioli, et al.

Validation of the Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale in Pediatric Emergency Department
Gregory Garra, Adam J. Singer, Breena R. Taira, et al.

Does Team Training Work? Principles for Health Care
Eduardo Salas, Deborah DiazGranados, Sallie J. Weaver.

The 3-Minute Emergency Medicine Medical Student Presentation: A Variation on a Theme
Chip Davenport, Benjamin Honigman, Jeff Druck

A Randomized, Controlled Trial Comparing Long-term Cosmetic Outcomes of Traumatic Pediatric Lacerations Repaired with Absorbable Plain Gut versus Nonabsorbable Nylon Sutures
Helen Karounis, Serge Gouin, Harley Eisman, et al.

Emergency Department Lactate Is Associated with Mortality in Older Adults Admitted With and Without Infections
Daniel A. Del Portal, Frances Shofer, Mark E. Mikkelsen, et al.