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Edited By: William Garriott and Heath Cabot

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PoLAR News

 PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review News

New Virtual Issue 
View the 2016 virtual issue, Anthropology of Human Rights, on the new journal homepage in AnthroSource 2.0 here.

PoLAR has been accepted into the Social Science Citation Index!

New Symposium
The current issue of Political and Legal Anthropology features a symposium, "Imagining Corporate Personhood," organized and guest-edited by Peter Benson and Stuart Kirsch. Click here for Kirsch's introductory article.

Online Book Reviews
We are pleased to announce the Political and Legal Anthropology Review's second Online Book Review Issue, a supplemental issue for Fall 2014. The 2014 Online Book Review Issue contains 19 open-access reviews, which can be downloaded individually or as a collection by clicking here.

Exciting Research

Virtual Issue: Human Rights
This virtual issue reflects upon the key threads in anthropologists' approaches to human rights over the past decades, through nine articles published in PoLAR since 1995.

Virtual Issue: NGOs
This virtual issue provides a companion to the 2010 Symposium Issue on NGOs, bringing together nine articles previously published on the topic in PoLAR.

Virtual Issue: Reflections from Occupied Worlds
This virtual issue marks the one-year anniversary of the Occupy Movement with a collection of essays and postscripts that provide unique commentary on challenges of pursuing social justice and activism alongside anthropological inquiry. 

Virtual Issue: Transparency
This virtual issue analyzes transparency as a governance principle in practice and illuminates the legalistic and political contours that inform expectations of transparency.

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Spillover Conversations


 PoLAR: Political Legal and Anthropology Review Spillover Conversations

Visit the Spillover sections to read original material that is connected to the topics discussed in issues of the Political and Legal Anthropology Review. In its online sections, the journal connects established scholars with the new generation of political and legal anthropologists and provides cutting-edge research in the field via open-access content.

Recent Spillover features include:

Anthropology, Theory, and Law
Leo Coleman discusses the U.S. Supreme Court rulings in the Citizens United and Hobby Lobby cases to address some wider philosophical and anthropological concerns raised by the proliferations of entities demanding and exercising rights, often at the expense of individuals and citizens.

From the Field

Ken MacLean reflects on his fieldwork in Burma/Myanmar, detailing some of the complications underpinning transparency-accountibility initiatives there.

Additional spillover conversations include:

Anthropology and Activism:  Budi Hernawan, a Franciscan friar with a PhD in Socio-legal Studies, and Eben Kirksey, author of Freedom in Entangled Worlds: West Papua and the Architecture of Global Power, weigh in on how they have studied the West Papuan independence movement and how they have endeavored to raise the visibility of West Papuans’ strife under Indonesian rule here.

Digital Editorial Fellow
Sean Mallin interviews Sally Engle Merry and Susan Bibler Coutin regarding the trajectories of their work in relation to law and inequalities.

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