Journal of Forensic Sciences

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Edited By: Michael Peat

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Virtual Issue

DNA Analysis in Degraded and Unusual Specimens

Recently there has been an increasing interest in improved DNA testing techniques and the interpretation of these.  For example, LCN and Real-Time PCR are two instances of improvements in technology that have advanced the applications of DNA testing in forensic science.  More recently the use of familial searches has also generated attention with the "Grim Sleeper" case in Los Angeles.
This virtual issue of papers published over the last few years in the Journal of Forensic Sciences includes information on the analysis of DNA in degraded and unusual specimens.  These have application in criminalities, physical anthropology, deontology and the identification of victims of mass disasters. They demonstrate how DNA testing has become common place in the forensic sciences. - Michael Peat, Editor

Characterization of 26 MiniSTR Loci for Improved Analysis of Degraded DNA Samples
Carolyn R. Hill, Margaret C. Kline, Michael D. Coble, John M. Butler

Development and Validation of the AmpFℓSTR® MiniFilerTM PCR Amplification Kit: A MiniSTR Multiplex for the Analysis of Degraded and/or PCR Inhibited DNA*
Julio J. Mulero, Chien Wei Chang, Robert E. Lagacé, Dennis Y. Wang, Jennifer L. Bas, Timothy P. McMahon, Lori K. Hennessy

Average Probability that a ‘‘Cold Hit’’ in a DNA Database Search Results in an Erroneous Attribution
Yun S. Song, Anand Patil, Erin E. Murphy, Montgomery Slatkin

Evaluation of the Reliability of DNA Typing in the Process of Identification of War Victims in Croatia
Snježana Džijan, Goran Ćurić, Dinko Pavlinić, Mladen Marcikić, Dragan Primorac, Gordan Lauc

DNA Preservation in Skeletal Elements from the World Trade Center Disaster: Recommendations for Mass Fatality Management
Amy Z. Mundorff, Eric J. Bartelink, Elaine Mar-Cash

The Correlation Between Skeletal Weathering and DNA Quality and Quantity
Lisa M. Misner, Andrea C. Halvorson, Jennifer L. Dreier, Douglas H. Ubelaker, David R. Foran

Polymerase Resistance to Polymerase Chain Reaction Inhibitors in Bone
Kenneth D. Eilert, David R. Foran

A LDR-PCR Approach for Multiplex Polymorphisms Genotyping of Severely Degraded DNA with Fragment Sizes <100 bp
Zhen Zhang, Bao-Jie Wang, Hong-Yu Guan, Hao Pang, Jin-Feng Xuan

Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Heat on the PCR-Amplification of Various Sized DNA Fragments Extracted from Sus Scrofa Molars
Kelly A. Rees, Margaret J. Cox

Integrated DNA and Fingerprint Analyses in the Identification of 60-Year-Old Mummified Human Remains Discovered in an Alaskan Glacier
Odile M. Loreille, Ryan L. Parr, Kevin A. McGregor, Colleen M. Fitzpatrick, Chriss Lyon, Dongya Y. Yang, Camilla F. Speller, Michael R. Grimm, Michael J. Grimm, Jodi A. Irwin, Edward M. Robinson

The Effects of Different Maceration Techniques on Nuclear DNA Amplification Using Human Bone
Esther J. Lee, Jennifer G. Luedtke, Jamie L. Allison, Carolyn E. Arber, D. Andrew Merriwether, Dawnie Wolfe Steadman