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Edited By: Gary Ritchison

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Virtual Issues from Journal of Field Ornithology

Review papers: a new feature of the Journal of Field Ornithology

Published: 19 May 2014

Edited By: Gary Ritchison

Introduction: The Journal of Field Ornithology publishes papers based on descriptive and experimental studies of birds conducted in their natural habitats. Recently, we have also begun soliciting and publishing review papers covering topics of interest to field ornithologists. To date, eight such reviews have been published and are included in this Virtual Issue. Several additional review papers are currently in progress and will be published in future issues of the Journal of Field Ornithology. We encourage anyone with ideas about possible topics for future review papers or those who might be interested in writing a review paper for the Journal of Field Ornithology to contact the editor (Gary Ritchison;

Avian navigation and geographic positioning*
Deutschlander, M. E., and R. C. Beason
*Coming Soon

Advances in tracking small migratory birds: a technical review of light-level geolocation
Eli S. Bridge, Jeffrey F. Kelly, Andrea Contina , Richard M. Gabrielson, Robert B. MacCurdy, and David W. Winkler

Ecology and conservation of grassland birds in southeastern South America: a review
Adrián B. Azpiroz, Juan Pablo Isacch, Rafael A. Dias, Adrián S. Di Giacomo, Carla Suertegaray Fontana, and Cristina Morales Palarea

Avian research in the Caribbean: past contributions and current priorities
Steven C. Latta

Collecting, processing, and storing avian blood: a review
Jennifer C. Owen

Nest sites as limiting resources for cavity-nesting birds in mature forest ecosystems: a review of the evidence
Karen L. Wiebe

Applications of radio frequency identification (RFID) in ornithological research: a review
David N. Bonter and Eli S. Bridge

A review of acoustic playback techniques for studying avian vocal duets
Sarah B. Douglas and Daniel J. Mennill


Biology of Neotropical Birds

Published: 14 Dec 2010

Edited By: Gary Ritchison

Introduction: The Journal of Field Ornithology publishes papers based on descriptive and experimental studies of birds conducted in their natural habitats. In recent years, we’ve published papers based on work conducted in many parts of the world. For example, in 2009, papers published in JFO were based on work conducted in Canada, China, Indonesia, Panama, Mexico, several countries in Europe, and, of course, the United States. However, as noted on our website (, the Journal of Field Ornithology is especially interested in publishing papers based on studies conducted in the Neotropics. Included in this Virtual Issue of the Journal of Field Ornithology are 14 such papers that were published during the period from 2006 to 2010. Increasing numbers of investigators are now studying birds in the Neotropics, and as demonstrated by this Virtual Issue, JFO has been an important outlet for some of this work. We thank the authors of papers included in this Virtual Issue for submitting their manuscripts for publication in JFO, and encourage those currently studying birds in the Neotropics (and, of course, anywhere else) to consider submitting their manuscripts for possible publication in JFO.

Habitat use, abundance, and persistence of Neotropical migrant birds in a habitat matrix in northeast Belize
Camila Gómez-Montes and Nicholas J. Bayly

Birds and army ants in a fragment of the Atlantic Forest of Brazil
Christiana M. A. Faria and Marcos Rodrigues

Predicted population trends for Cozumel Curassows (Crax rubra griscomi): empirical evidence and predictive models in the face of climate change
Miguel A. Martínez-Morales, Pablo C. Cruz and Alfredo D. Cuarón

Nests, vocalizations, and conservation status of endangered Cochabamba Mountain-Finches (Compsospiza garleppi)
Noemí Esther Huanca, Peter A. Hosner and A. Bennett Hennessey

Cavity use and reproductive success of nesting macaws in lowland forest of southeast Peru
Katherine Renton and Donald J. Brightsmith

Wattled Curassows in Bolivia: abundance, habitat use, and conservation status
Davina L. Hill, Hugo Arañibar-Rojas and Ross MacLeod

Seasonal insectivory by Black-headed Trogons, a tropical dry forest frugivore
Christina Riehl and Glenn S. Adelson

Identifying forest-obligate birds in tropical moist cloud forest of Andean Ecuador
C. Dustin Becker, Thomas M. Loughin and Tatiana Santander

The breeding biology of Grallaria and Grallaricula antpittas
Harold F. Greeney, Robert C. Dobbs, Paul R. Martin and Rudolphe A. Gelis

Ornithophilous canopy species in the Atlantic rain forest of southeastern Brazil
Márcia A. Rocca and Marlies Sazima

Nesting behavior and breeding success of Hoatzins
Antje Müllner and K. Eduard Linsenmair

Roosting of Yellow-naped Parrots in Costa Rica: estimating the size and recruitment of threatened populations
Greg D. Matuzak and Donald J. Brightsmith

Great Green Macaws and the annual cycle of their food plants in Ecuador
Karl S. Berg, Jacqueline Socola and Rafael R. Angel

Observations of Strange-tailed Tyrants (Alectrurus risora) and other grassland birds following army ants and armadillos
Adrián S. Di Giacomo and Alejandro G. Di Giacomo