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Edited By: Max Häggblom

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Associated Title(s): Pathogens and Disease, FEMS Microbiology Letters, FEMS Microbiology Reviews, FEMS Yeast Research

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Diversity of AHLs in cnidarians

Diversity of AHLs in cnidarians

Many marine habitats, such as the surface and tissues of marine invertebrates, including corals, harbour diverse populations of microorganisms, which are thought to play a role in the health of their hosts and influence mutualistic and competitive interactions. Investigating the presence and stability of quorum sensing (QS) in these ecosystems may shed light on the roles and control of these bacterial communities.

Metatranscriptomics of North Sea bacterioplankton

Metatranscriptomics of North Sea bacterioplankton

Despite their importance for ecosystem functioning, little is known about the composition of active marine bacterioplankton communities. Hence, this study was focused on assessing the diversity of these communities in the southern North Sea and examining the impact of a phytoplankton spring bloom on the ambient bacterioplankton community. Community composition in and outside the bloom was assessed in 14 samples by pyrosequencing-based analysis of 16S rRNA gene amplicons generated from environmental RNA. The data set comprised of 211 769 16S rRNA gene sequences. Proteobacteria were the predominant phylogenetic group with Alphaproteobacteria and Gammaproteobacteria as the most abundant classes. Actinobacteria and Bacteroidetes were identified in minor abundances.

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Special Issue: Polar and Alpine Microbiology

Read the latest Special Issue from FEMS Microbiology Ecology, and the Editorial Polar and alpine microbiology in a changing world
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To mark the 14th International Conference on Pseudomonas held in Lausanne in September 2013, FEMS is publishing a Virtual Thematic Issue across four FEMS journals: FEMS Microbiology Letters, FEMS Microbiology Reviews, Pathogens and Disease, and FEMS Microbiology Ecology.

Pseudomonas Editorial by Dieter Haas

FEMSEC Conference VI

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Neotropical Andes hot springs harbor diverse and distinct planktonic microbial communities
Luisa Delgado-Serrano, Gina López, Laura C. Bohorquez, José R. Bustos, Carolina Rubiano, César Osorio-Forero, Howard Junca, Sandra Baena and María M. Zambrano

Neotropical Andes hot springs harbor specific microbial communities shaped by local hydrogeochemical factors.

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Special Virtual Issue - FEMS Microbiology Ecology meets FEMS Microbiology Reviews

FEMS Microbiology Ecology has compiled a Virtual Issue that cross-links with the May 2013 Thematic Issue of FEMS Microbiology Reviews on Molecular Insights into Environmental Microbes. We have selected key papers from the archives of FEMS Microbiology Ecology to complement the topics of the review articles that reflect on the activity of microbes, ranging from life in symbiosis, commensalism, and syntrophy to life in soil, lakes and oceans.

Molecular Insights into Environmental Microbes
Special Virtual issue, May 2013

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