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Polar and Alpine Microbiology Virtual Issue 2013

Most of the Earth's biosphere is characterized by low temperatures. These habitats span from the Arctic to the Antarctic, from high mountain-range environments to the deep ocean, and include permafrost soils, marine sediments, sea and glacial ice. Microorganisms, representing of all three domains of life, have successfully colonized these cold environments and there is thus considerable interest in understanding the adaptations and activities of these microorganisms, as well as the ecological interactions of communities active in these habitats. Global climate change is expected to affect polar ecosystems severely, with impacts on biogeochemical cycles and environmental change as well as feedback to climate.

In advance of the Fifth International Conference on Polar and Alpine Microbiology to be held September 9-12, 2013 in Big Sky, Montana (USA) this virtual issue of FEMS Microbiology Ecology brings you a selection of papers dedicated to Polar and Alpine Microbiology. This represents only a small selection of what we have published in recent years and for additional articles, please search the FEMS Microbiology Ecology back issues, including two thematic issues: Polar and Alpine Microbiology (November 2012) and Microorganisms in cold environments (February 2007). Please stayed tuned for the upcoming a special thematic issue on Microbes in Polar and Alpine Environments (expected spring 2014).


Microbial life in glacial ice and implications for a cold origin of life
P. Buford Price

Psychrophilic yeasts from worldwide glacial habitats: diversity, adaptation strategies and biotechnological potential
Buzzini, Pietro; Branda, Eva; Goretti, Marta; et al.

Aquatic Habitats

Hydrology is reflected in the functioning and community composition of methanotrophs in the littoral wetland of a boreal lake
Siljanen, Henri M. P.; Saari, Anne; Krause, Sascha; et al.

Diversity and characterization of mercury-resistant bacteria in snow, freshwater and sea-ice brine from the High Arctic
Moller, Annette K.; Barkay, Tamar; Abu Al-Soud, Waleed; et al.

When a habitat freezes solid: microorganisms over-winter within the ice column of a coastal Antarctic lake
Foreman, Christine M.; Dieser, Markus; Greenwood, Mark; et al.

Shifts in coastal Antarctic marine microbial communities during and after melt water-related surface stratification
Piquet, Anouk M. -T.; Bolhuis, Henk; Meredith, Michael P.; et al.

Arctic and Boreal Environments

Methane-cycling communities in a permafrost-affected soil on Herschel Island, Western Canadian Arctic: active layer profiling of mcrA and pmoA genes
Barbier, Beatrice A.; Dziduch, Isabel; Liebner, Susanne; et al.

Long-term warming alters the composition of Arctic soil microbial communities
Deslippe, Julie R.; Hartmann, Martin; Simard, Suzanne W.; et al.

Comparative genomic and physiological analysis provides insights into the role of Acidobacteria in organic carbon utilization in Arctic tundra soils
Rawat, Suman R.; Mannisto, Minna K.; Bromberg, Yana; et al.

Cloning, purification, and characterization of a cold-adapted esterase produced by Psychrobacter cryohalolentis K5T from Siberian cryopeg
Novototskaya-Vlasova, Ksenia; Petrovskaya, Lada; Yakimov, Sergey; et al.

Effects of temperatures near the freezing point on N2O emissions, denitrification and on the abundance and structure of nitrifying and denitrifying soil communities
Wertz, Sophie; Goyer, Claudia; Zebarth, Bernie J.; et al.

Acidobacteria dominate the active bacterial communities of Arctic tundra with widely divergent winter-time snow accumulation and soil temperatures
Mannisto, Minna K.; Kurhela, Emilia; Tiirola, Marja; et al.

Alteration of microbial community structure affects diesel biodegradation in an Arctic soil
Bell, Terrence H.; Yergeau, Etienne; Juck, Dave F.; et al.


The impact of different soil parameters on the community structure of dominant bacteria from nine different soils located on Livingston Island, South Shetland Archipelago, Antarctica
Ganzert, Lars; Lipski, Andre; Hubberten, Hans-Wolfgang; et al.

Low cyanobacterial diversity in biotopes of the Transantarctic Mountains and Shackleton Range (80-82 degrees S), Antarctica
Fernandez-Carazo, Rafael; Hodgson, Dominic A.; Convey, Peter; et al.

Cyanobacterial diversity across landscape units in a polar desert: Taylor Valley, Antarctica
Michaud, Alexander B.; Sabacka, Marie; Priscu, John C.

Bacterial succession in Antarctic soils of two glacier forefields on Larsemann Hills, East Antarctica
Bajerski, Felizitas; Wagner, Dirk

Alpine and Mountain Habitats

In situ carbon turnover dynamics and the role of soil microorganisms therein: a climate warming study in an Alpine ecosystem
Djukic, Ika; Zehetner, Franz; Watzinger, Andrea; et al.

Exploring slime mould diversity in high-altitude forests and grasslands by environmental RNA analysis
Akiko Kamono, Marianne Meyer, Thomas Cavalier-Smith, Manabu Fukui and Anna Maria Fiore-Donno.

Partitioning of Thaumarchaeota populations along environmental gradients in high mountain lakes
Auguet, Jean-Christophe; Casamayor, Emilio O.