FEMS Microbiology Letters

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Virtual Issue Bacterial Community Structure

Virtual Issue: Bacterial community structure

Taxonomic and functional diversity of Streptomyces in a forest soil.
Bontemps, Cyril; Toussaint, Maxime; Revol, Pierre-Vincent; et al.

Changes of the phenol-degrading bacterial community during the decomposition of submersed Platanus acerifolia leaves
Ramio-Pujol, Sara; Baneras, Lluis; Artigas, Joan; et al.

The ability of soil bacteria to receive the conjugative IncP1 plasmid, pKJK10, is different in a mixed community compared to single strains
de la Cruz-Perera, Claudia I.; Ren, Dawei; Blanchet, Marine; et al.

A method for the use of the radiotracer 55Fe for microautoradiography and CARD-FISH of natural bacterial communities
Fourquez, Marion; Obernosterer, Ingrid; Blain, Stephane

Co-occurrence and distribution of nitrite-dependent anaerobic ammonium and methane-oxidizing bacteria in a paddy soil
Wang, Yu; Zhu, Guibing; Harhangi, Harry R.; et al.

Antarctic DNA moving forward: genomic plasticity and biotechnological potential
Martinez-Rosales, Cecilia; Fullana, Natalia; Musto, Hector; et al.

Modeling microbial community structure and functional diversity across time and space
Peter E. Larsen, Sean M. Gibbons and Jack A. Gilbert

Bacterial taxa associated with the lung lichen Lobaria pulmonaria are differentially shaped by geography and habitat
Cardinale Massimiliano; Grube Martin; Castro Joao Vieirade Jr.; et al.

Characterization of the fecal bacteria communities of forage-fed horses by pyrosequencing of 16S rRNA V4 gene amplicons
Shepherd Megan L.; Swecker William S. Jr.; Jensen Roderick V.; et al.

Effect of substrate type on bacterial community composition in biofilms from the Great Barrier Reef
Witt Verena; Wild Christian; Uthicke Sven

Molecular characterization of the microbial community in hydrogenetic ferromanganese crusts of the Takuyo-Daigo Seamount, northwest Pacific
Nitahara Shota; Kato Shingo; Urabe Tetsuro; et al.

A polyphasic approach to the exploration of collagenolytic activity in the bacterial community associated with the marine sponge Cymbastela concentrica
Yung Pui Yi; Kjelleberg Staffan; Thomas Torsten

A flagellin-producing Lactococcus strain: interactions with mucin and enteropathogens
Sanchez Borja; Lopez Patricia; Gonzalez-Rodriguez Irene; et al.

Why two are not enough: degradation of p-toluenesulfonate by a bacterial community from a pristine site in Moorea, French Polynesia
Tralau Tewes; Yang Eun Chan; Tralau Carola; et al.

Endophytic bacterial diversity in roots of Phragmites australis in constructed Beijing Cuihu Wetland (China)
Li Yan Hong; Zhu Jing Nan; Zhai Zhen Hua; et al.

Effect of storage conditions on the assessment of bacterial community structure in soil and human-associated samples
Lauber Christian L.; Zhou Nicholas; Gordon Jeffrey I.; et al.

Temporal variation of magnetotactic bacterial communities in two freshwater sediment microcosms
Lin Wei; Pan Yongxin

Diversity of total and active free-living vs. particle-attached bacteria in the euphotic zone of the NW Mediterranean Sea
Ghiglione Jean-Francois; Conan Pascal; Pujo-Pay Mireille

Dissolved organic carbon and bacterial populations in the gelatinous surface microlayer of a Norwegian fjord mesocosm
Cunliffe Michael; Salter Matthew; Mann Paul J.; et al.