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Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine

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Edited By: Stefan N. Constantinescu

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TELOCYTES – a case of serendipity: the winding way from Interstitial Cells of Cajal (ICC), via Interstitial Cajal-Like Cells (ICLC) to TELOCYTES

Telocytes in human epicardium

Cardiomyocyte precursors and telocytes in epicardial stem cell niche: electron microscope images

Telocytes as supporting cells for myocardial tissue organization in developing and adult heart

TELOCYTES IN ENDOCARDIUM: Electron Microscope Evidence

Cardiac telocytes: serial dynamic images in cell culture

Heterocellular communication in the heart: electron tomography of telocyte–myocyte junctions

Identification of telocytes in skeletal muscle interstitium: implication for muscle regeneration

Experimental acute myocardial infarction: telocytes involvement in neo-angiogenesis

Telocytes are the common cell of origin of both PEComas and GISTs: an evidence-supported hypothesis

Platelet-derived growth factor receptor-β-positive telocytes in skeletal muscle interstitium

Telocytes in human skin – are they involved in skin regeneration?

Telomeres and Telomerase Review Series
Edited by: Brittney-Shea Herbert

The impact of telomeres and telomerase in cellular biology and medicine: it’s not the end of the story
Brittney-Shea Herbert

Telomere replication: poised but puzzling
Shilpa Sampathi & Weihang Chai

Targeting the telomere and shelterin complex for cancer therapy: current views and future perspectives
Alan E. Bilsland et al

Medical genetics and epigenetics of telomerase
Jillian E. Koziel et al

The potential utility of telomere-related markers for cancer diagnosis
Christopher M. Heaphy & Alan K. Meeker

Targeting telomerase-expressing cancer cells
Michel M. Ouellette et al

Alzheimer's Disease Review Series
Edited by: Bogdan Popescu

Possible implications of insulin resistance and glucose metabolism in Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis
Domenico Bosco et al

The toxicity of tau in Alzheimer disease: turnover, targets and potential therapeutics
Susanne M. Pritchard et al

Intracellular calcium signalling in Alzheimer's disease
Marina Hermes et al

Gene therapy in Alzheimer's disease - potential for disease modification
Per Nilsson et al

Kynurenines, neurodegeneration and Alzheimer's disease
Zsigmond Tamas Kincses et al

Still debating a cause and diagnostic criteria for Alzheimer's disease
Bogdan Popescu

Alzheimer's Disease; Cholesterol, Membrane Rafts, Isoprenoids and Statins
Patrick Reid et al

Apolipoprotein E and Alzheimer's disease: Molecular mechanisms and therapeutic opportunities
Angel Cedazo-Mínguez

Alzheimer Neurofibrillary Degeneration: Significance, Etiopathogenesis, Therapeutics and Prevention
Khalid Iqbal & Inge Grundke-Iqbal

The ubiquitin-proteasome system in Alzheimer's disease
Salvatore Oddo

Neuroprotective and Neurotoxic Properties of Glial Cells in the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease
Dan Frenkel

Biomarkers for early diagnosis of Alzheimer disease:"Alzheimer Associated gene" - a new blood biomarker?
Kurt. A Jellinger et al

Alzheimer's Disease beyond the genomic era:nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy-based metabolomics
Ignasi Barba et al

Parenchymal and vascular A-deposition and its effects on the degeneration of neurons and cognition in Alzheimer's disease
Dietmar R. Thal et al

Amyloid-ß oligomers set fire to inflammasomes and induce Alzheimer's pathology
Antero Salminen et al

mTOR-dependent signaling in Alzheimer's disease
Jacques Hugon & Jin-Jing Pei

Pharmacotherapeutic Targets in Alzheimer's Disease
Kevin Barnham et al

Hypoxia Review Series
Edited by W. Kim & M. Ivan

Two sides to every story: the HIF-dependent and HIF-independent functions of pVHL
Mingqing Li & William Y. Kim

Mechanisms of intermittent hypoxia induced hypertension
Laura V. González Bosc et al

Tumour hypoxia induces a metabolic shift causing acidosis: a common feature in cancer
Johanna Chiche et al

Hypoxia-inducible factors in stem cells and cancer
Jolly Mazumdar et al

Sensing, physiological effects and molecular response to elevated CO2 levels in eukaryotes
Kfir Sharabi et al

Assessment of tumour hypoxia for prediction of response to therapy and cancer prognosis
Adrian M. Jubb et al

Neuronal apoptosis by prolyl hydroxylation: implication in nervous system tumours and the Warburg conundrum
Susanne Schlisio

RNA-binding proteins implicated in the hypoxic response
Kiyoshi Masuda et al

Surviving hypoxia by modulation of mRNA translation rate
Michael Fähling

Development of HIF-1 inhibitors for cancer therapy
Barbara Onnis et al

The role of HIF prolyl hydroxylases in tumour growth
Terhi Jokilehto & Panu M. Jaakkola

Inter-connection between mitochondria and HIFs
Kathryn V. Tormos & Navdeep S. Chandel

MicroRNA Review Series
Edited by Mircea Ivan

MicroRNA-155 prevents necrotic cell death in human cardiomyocyte progenitor cells via targeting RIP1
Jia Liu et al

Antagomir-mediated silencing of endothelial cell specific microRNA-126 impairs ischemia-induced angiogenesis
Coen van Solingen et al

MicroRNA profiling of clear cell renal cell cancer identifies a robust signature to define renal malignancy
Monika Jung et al

MicroRNAs and micromanaging the skeleton in disease, development and evolution
Xinjun He et al

Expression of microRNAs in diffuse large B cell lymphoma is associated with immunophenotype, survival and transformation from follicular lymphoma
Charles H. Lawrie et al

MicroRNA involvement in hepatocellular carcinoma
Laura Gramantieri et al

miRNAS in normal and diseased skeletal muscle
Iris Eisenberg et al

The molecular machines that mediate microRNA maturation
Pick-Wei Lau & Ian J. MacRae

Regulation of microRNA processing in development, differentiation and cancer
Thomas D. Schmittgen

microRNAs: tiny regulators of synapse function in development and disease
Silvia Bicker & Gerhard Schratt

microRNA expression in lymphoid malignancies: new hope for diagnosis and therapy?
Charles Henderson Lawrie

miR-21: a small multi-faceted RNA
Anna M. Krichevsky & Galina Gabriely

The ongoing microRNA revolution and its impact in biology and medicine
Mircea Ivan