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Edited By: Elinor Ben-Menachem

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Online ISSN: 1600-0404

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Tolerability and safety of perampanel: two randomized dose-escalation studies
Krauss, G. L.; Bar, M.; Biton, V.; Klapper, J. A.; et al.
Vol. 125, No. 1

Physical activity and multiple sclerosis: new insights regarding inactivity
Sandroff, B. M.; Dlugonski, D.; Weikert, M.; Suh, Y.; et al.
Vol. 126, No. 4

AMPA receptors as a molecular target in epilepsy therapy
Rogawski, M. A.
Vol. 127, No.

Perampanel Study 207: long-term open-label evaluation in patients with epilepsy
Rektor, I.; Krauss, G. L.; Bar, M.; Biton, V.; et al.
Vol. 126, No. 4

One-year outcome in the European multicentre study on iNPH
Klinge, P.; Hellstrom, P.; Tans, J.; Wikkelso, C.
Vol. 126, No. 3

Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency and venous stenoses in multiple sclerosis
Blinkenberg, M.; Akeson, P.; Sillesen, H.;et al.
Vol. 126, No. 6

Dynamic cerebral autoregulation associates with infarct size and outcome after ischemic stroke
Reinhard, M.; Rutsch, S.; Lambeck, J.;et al.
Vol. 125, No. 3

Preclinical pharmacology of perampanel, a selective non-competitive AMPA receptor antagonist
Rogawski, M. A.; Hanada, T.
Vol. 127, No.

Post-stroke fatigue and return to work: a 2-year follow-up
Andersen, G.; Christensen, D.; Kirkevold, M.; Johnsen, S. P.
Vol. 125, No. 4

Switching from natalizumab to fingolimod: an observational study
Sempere, A. P.; Martin-Medina, P.; Berenguer-Ruiz, L.; et al.
Vol. 128, No. 2