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Edited By: E. Ralfkiær and B. Norrild

Impact Factor: 2.042

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2014: 35/75 (Pathology); 80/119 (Microbiology); 107/148 (Immunology)

Online ISSN: 1600-0463

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Communication between Toxoplasma gondii and its host: impact on parasite growth, development, immune evasion, and virulence
Blader IJ, Saejj JP
Volume: 117 Issue: 5-6

Interaction of Mycobacterium tuberculosis with the host: consequences for vaccine development
Dietrich J, Doherty TM
Volume: 117 Issue: 5-6

Biologic markers in endometrial cancer treatment
Engelsen IB, Akslen LA, Salvesen HB
Volume: 117 Issue: 10

Molecular characterization of CTX-M-15-producing clinical isolates of Escherichia coli reveals the spread of multidrug-resistant ST131 (O25:H4) and ST964 (O102:H6) strains in Norway
Naseer U, Haldorsen B, Tofteland S, et al.
Volume: 117 Issue: 7

Innate recognition of intracellular pathogens: detection and activation of the first line of defense
Rasmussen SB, Reinert LS, Paludan SR
Volume: 117 Issue: 5-6

Immunohistochemical analysis of Fas and FLIP in prostate cancers
Kim SY, Song SY, Kim MS, et al.
Volume: 117 Issue: 1

Inactivation of the rhlA gene in Pseudomonas aeruginosa prevents rhamnolipid production, disabling the protection against polymorphonuclear leukocytes Van Gennip M, Christensen LD, Alhede M, et al.
Volume: 117 Issue: 7

Group IIA phospholipase A(2) as a prognostic marker in prostate cancer: relevance to clinicopathological variables and disease-specific mortality
Mirtti T, Laine VJO, Hiekkanen H, et al.
Volume: 117 Issue: 3

HIV and SIV infection: the role of cellular restriction and immune responses in viral replication and pathogenesis
Williams KC, Burdo TH
Volume: 117 Issue: 5-6

Gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs): a review
Steigen SE, Eide TJ
Volume: 117 Issue: 2