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Individual seabirds show consistent foraging strategies in response to predictable fisheries discards
Samantha C. Patrick, Stuart Bearhop, Thomas W. Bodey, W. James Grecian, Keith C. Hamer, Janette Lee and Stephen C. Votier
2015, Vol. 46, Iss. 5

Regional and seasonal flight speeds of soaring migrants and the role of weather conditions at hourly and daily scales
W. M. G. Vansteelant, W. Bouten, R. H. G. Klaassen, B. J. Koks, A. E. Schlaich, J. van Diermen, E. E. van Loon and J. Shamoun-Baranes
2015, Vol. 46, Iss. 1

Skipping-type migration in a small Arctic wader, the Temminck's stint Calidris temminckii
Terje Lislevand and Steffen Hahn
2015, Vol. 46, Iss. 4

Retraction: ‘Are European birds leaving traditional wintering grounds in the Mediterranean?’, by José Luis Tellería, Álvaro Ramírez and José Ignacio Aguirre
José Luis Tellería, Álvaro Ramírez and José Ignacio Aguirre
2015, Vol. 46, Iss. 3

Flying, fasting, and feeding in birds during migration: a nutritional and physiological ecology perspective
Scott R. McWilliams, Christopher Guglielmo, Barbara Pierce and Marcel Klaassen
2004, Vol. 35, Iss. 5

Delayed timing of breeding as a cost of reproduction
Matthew Low, Debora Arlt, Tomas Pärt and Meit Öberg
2015, Vol. 46, Iss. 4

Analysis of multilocus DNA reveals hybridization in a contact zone between Empidonax flycatchers
Andrew C. Rush, Richard J. Cannings and Darren E. Irwin
2009, Vol. 40, Iss. 6

Automated tracking of wild hummingbird mass and energetics over multiple time scales using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology
Lily Hou, Michael Verdirame and Kenneth C. Welch Jr.
2015, Vol. 46, Iss. 1

Avian compass systems: do all migratory species possess all three?
Nikita Chernetsov
2015, Vol. 46, Iss. 4

Breeding season weather determines long-tailed tit reproductive success through impacts on recruitment
Philippa R. Gullett, Ben J. Hatchwell, Robert A. Robinson and Karl L. Evans
2015, Vol. 46, Iss. 5