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Featured Articles

Featured Articles
Ecography strives to publish outstanding scientific articles treating spatial and temporal patterns in ecology. To demonstrate our commitment, Ecography provides free and immediate access to a selection of recent and classic papers that we feel represent the journal's scope. The articles have been suggested by the Subject Editors of Ecography and are represen¬tative of the excellent research that we are proud to be publishing in our journal. Papers have been selected based on their originality, appeal to general interest, and their contribution to new developments in ecological research. The list of articles is being constantly updated and we hope you will have the opportunity to see your own work appear here in the future.

Featured recent papers FREE CONTENT

Likely responses of the Antarctic benthos to climate-related changes in physical disturbance during the 21st century, based primarily on evidence from the West Antarctic Peninsula region NEW
Dan A. Smale and David K. A. Barnes

Modeling of species distributions with Maxent: new extensions and a comprehensive evaluation NEW
Steven J. Phillips and Miroslav Dudík

Estimating space-use and habitat preference from wildlife telemetry data NEW
Geert Aarts, Monique MacKenzie, Bernie McConnell, Mike Fedak and Jason Matthiopoulos

Modelling species distributions without using species distributions: the cane toad in Australia under current and future climates NEW
Michael Kearney, Ben L. Phillips, Christopher R. Tracy, Keith A. Christian, Gregory Betts and Warren P. Porter

Seeing the forest for the trees: partitioning ecological and phylogenetic components of Bergmann's rule in European Carnivora
José Alexandre F. Diniz-Filho, Luis Mauricio Bini, Miguel Á. Rodríguez, Thiago Fernando L. V. B. Rangel and Bradford A. Hawkins

Methods to account for spatial autocorrelation in the analysis of species distributional data: a review
Carsten F. Dormann, Jana M. McPherson, Miguel B. Araújo, Roger Bivand, Janine Bolliger, Gudrun Carl, Richard G. Davies, Alexandre Hirzel, Walter Jetz, W. Daniel Kissling, Ingolf Kühn, Ralf Ohlemüller, Pedro R. Peres-Neto, Björn Reineking, Boris Schröder, Frank M. Schurr and Robert Wilson

Quaternary climate changes explain diversity among reptiles and amphibians FEATURED IN F1000 BIOLOGY
Miguel B. Araújo, David Nogués-Bravo, José Alexandre F. Diniz-Filho, Alan M. Haywood, Paul J. Valdes and Carsten Rahbek

Why are diversity and endemism linked on islands?
Christopher C. Witt and Satya Maliakal-Witt

Red herrings revisited: spatial autocorrelation and parameter estimation in geographical ecology
Bradford A. Hawkins, José Alexandre F. Diniz-Filho, Luis Mauricio Bini, Paulo De Marco and Tim M. Blackburn

An indirect area effect on elevational species richness patterns
Tom S. Romdal and John-Arvid Grytnes

Effects of species' ecology on the accuracy of distribution models
Jana M. McPherson and Walter Jetz

The distance decay of similarity in ecological communities
Janne Soininen, Robert McDonald and Helmut Hillebrand FEATURED IN F1000 BIOLOGY

Contrasting spatial and temporal global change impacts on butterfly species richness during the 20th century
Peter White and Jeremy T. Kerr

The relative importance of latitude matching and propagule pressure in the colonization success of an invasive forb
John L. Maron

Null versus neutral models: what's the difference?
Nicholas J. Gotelli and Brian J. McGill

The effect of sample size and species characteristics on performance of different species distribution modeling methods
Pilar A. Hernandez, Catherine H. Graham, Lawrence L. Master, Deborah L. Albert

Predicting patterns of plant species richness in megadiverse South Africa
Wilfried Thuiller, Guy F. Midgley, Mathieu Rougeti and Richard M. Cowling

Plant species richness and environmental heterogeneity in a mountain landscape: effects of variability and spatial configuration
Alexia Dufour, Fawziah Gadallah, Helene H. Wagner, Antoine Guisan and Alexandre Buttler

Novel methods improve prediction of species' distributions from occurrence data FEATURED IN NATURE AND SCIENCE

Jane Elith, Catherine H. Graham et al.

Equilibrium of species' distributions with climate
Miguel B.Araújo and Richard G. Pearson

Invasibility: the local mechanism driving community assembly and species diversity
Mark A. Davis, Ken Thompson, J. Philip Grime

The mid-latitude biodiversity ridge in terrestrial cave fauna
David C. Culver, Louis Deharveng, Anne Bedos, Julian J. Lewis, Molly Madden, James R. Reddell, Boris Sket, Peter Trontelj and Denis White

The structure of food webs along river networks
Tamara N. Romanuk, Leland J. Jackson, John R. Post, Ed McCauley and Neo D. Martinez

Dispersal and the metapopulation paradigm in amphibian ecology and conservation: are all amphibian populations metapopulations?
M. Alex Smith and David M. Green

Classic papers of Ecography FREE CONTENT

Illustrations and guidelines for selecting statistical methods for quantifying spatial pattern in ecological data
J. N. Perry, A. M. Liebhold, M. S. Rosenberg, J. Dungan, M. Miriti, A. Jakomulska and S. Citron-Pousty

The consequences of spatial structure for the design and analysis of ecological field surveys
Pierre Legendre, Mark R. T. Dale, Marie-Josee Fortin, Jessica Gurevitch, Michael Hohn and Donald Myers

Spatial point pattern analysis of available and exploited resources FEATURED IN F1000 BIOLOGY

Jill Lancaster and Barbara J. Downes

Red-shifts and red herrings in geographical ecology
Jack. J. Lennon

Habitat fragmentation and large-scale conservation: what do we know for sure?
Susan Harrison and Emilio Bruna

The elevational gradient of species richness: a uniform pattern?
Carsten Rahbek

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