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Edited By: Dries Bonte

Impact Factor: 3.586

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2015: 34/149 (Ecology)

Online ISSN: 1600-0706

Associated Title(s): Ecography, Journal of Avian Biology, Nordic Journal of Botany

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These are the most cited articles in 2015 - published in Oikos in 2013 or 2014. Data compiled from Thomson ISI Web of Science®

Dispersal and species' responses to climate change
Travis, Justin M. J.; Delgado, Maria; Bocedi, Greta; et al.
2013, Vol. 122, Issue 11

Adaptive parental effects: the importance of estimating environmental predictability and offspring fitness appropriately
Burgess, Scott C. and Marshall, Dustin J.
2014, Vol. 123, Issue 7

Estimating population size by spatially explicit capture-recapture
Efford, Murray G. and Fewster, Rachel M.
2013, vol. 122, Issue 6

Where am I and why? Synthesizing range biology and the eco-evolutionary dynamics of dispersal
Kubisch, Alexander; Holt, Robert D.; Poethke, Hans-Joachim et al.
2014, Vol. 123, Issue 1

Individual differences in searching behaviour and spatial foraging consistency in a central place marine predator
Patrick, Samantha C.; Bearhop, Stuart; Gremillet, David et al.
2014, Vol. 123, Issue 1

The role of temperature variability on insect performance and population dynamics in a warming world
Estay, Sergio A.; Lima, Mauricio and Bozinovic, Francisco
2014, vol. 123, Issue 2

Evidence for and against the existence of alternate attractors on coral reefs
Mumby, Peter J.; Steneck, Robert S. and Hastings, Alan
2013, Vol. 122, Issue 4

Testing the predictive performance of distribution models
Bahn, Volker and McGill, Brian J.
2013, vol. 122, Issue 3

Disentangling the role of connectivity, environmental filtering, and spatial structure on metacommunity dynamics
Moritz, C.; Meynard, C. N.; Devictor, V. et al.
2013, Vol. 122, Issue 10

Resource availability mediates the importance of priority effects in plant community assembly and ecosystem function
Kardol, Paul; Souza, Lara and Classen, Aimee T.
2013, Vol. 122, Issue 11