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Post-exercise hot water immersion induces heat acclimation and improves exercise performance in the heat

The challenges to both training and competing in the heat are considerable and this was the subject of a special issue of the Scandinavian Journal of Sports Science last year (Volume 25, Issue Supplement S1). In the current issue of SJMSS, Zurawlew and colleagues report the results of a study in which an acclimation model involving hot water immersion was investigated. Participants were followed over a 6-day period where they were randomly assigned to daily immersion in a either a thermo-neutral (34oC) or hot (40oC) water bath for ~40 mins after a standardised exercise bout (40 mins at 65% VO2max, 18oC). Two 5 km treadmill time trials were performed to evaluate the effects on performance under both temperate (18oC) and hot (33oC) conditions. A positive effect of the hot water immersion protocol was observed as evidenced by lower core temperatures before and after standardised exercise, lower core temperatures at the onset of sweating and a lower physiological strain index. This was particularly the case when exercising in the hot (33oC) conditions, where time trial performance also improved significantly. These interesting findings suggest that a simple hot bath may offer a simple and practical solution to heat acclimation for those living and training in temperate climates.

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The December issue marks 25 years of the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Sciences in Sports. It is also its final printed issue as from 2016 it will published monthly as an online only journal. Appropriately, this issue features two special supplements. The first is the proceedings of the Saltin Symposium: Exercise and Integrative Physiology which was held in Copenhagen earlier this year to celebrate the life and work of Professor Bengt Saltin, the first editor of SJMSS. The second is Bengt’s final review, co-written with Bente Pedersen on Exercise as Medicine. We hope that this issue serves as both a celebration of 25 years of SJMSS and a fitting tribute to Bengt Saltin’s outstanding contribution to exercise science and medicine.

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