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Effects of submaximal and supramaximal interval training on determinants of endurance performance in endurance athletes

Whilst there has been a lot of recent interest from a public health perspective in the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), its use as a tool to facilitate improvements in athletic performance has been around for many decades. As with comparing any training modalities the challenge is always to balance energy expenditure of the interventions. In an attempt to reflect more closely what athletes typically do when performing hard interval sessions at various intensities of effort Paquette and co-workers took a different approach to comparing the efficacy of two interval training regimens. In moderately endurance-trained men 6 weeks of training was matched for total effort rather than for total work. Submaximal (85% of maximal aerobic power) or supramaximal (115% of maximal aerobic power) training sessions on a cycle ergometer were performed to exhaustion three times a week. There was no difference in the gains in maximal oxygen consumption, peak power output or anaerobic power between the two groups despite the training volume being 47% lower in the supramaximal intensity group. The data thus provide further support for the efficacy of high intensity interval training.

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