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Edited By: Michael S. Marks, Trina A. Schroer, Robert G. Parton and Sharon A. Tooze

Online ISSN: 1600-0854

Virtual Issue Reviews

ReviewsVirtual Issue Reviews

This virtual issue is a compilation of all the review articles published in Traffic since the launch of the journal in 2000.

The phagosome as the organelle linking innate and adaptive immunity.
Jonathan C. Kagan and Akiko Iwasaki
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

A novel approach for intracellular 3D immuno-labeling for electron tomography
Nuria Bonekamp and Jan Andries Post
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

Exorcising the Exocyst Complex
Margaret R. Heider and Mary Munson
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

Secretive bacterial pathogens and the secretory pathway
Hubert Hilbi and Albert Haas
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

Re'COG'nition at the Golgi
Victoria J. Miller and Daniel Ungar
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

Quality Control Compartments Coming of Age
Tziona Ben-Gedalya and Ehud Cohen
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

Membrane trafficking pathways in Alzheimer's disease
Lawrence Rajendran and Wim Annaert
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

Regulated exocytosis: novel insights from intravital microscopy
Andrius Masedunskas, Natalie Porat-Shliom and Roberto Weigert
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

The Yeast Golgi Apparatus
Yasuyuki Suda and Akihiko Nakano
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

Nucleocytoplasmic Transport of MicroRNAs and Related Small RNAs
Jun Katahira and Yoshihiro Yoneda
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 11: 1468–1474, Abstract

Mobile MicroRNAs Hit the Target
Nial R. Gursanscky, Iain R. Searle and Bernard J. Carroll
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 11: 1475–1482, Abstract

At the Crossroads of Chemistry and Cell Biology: Inhibiting Membrane Traffic by Small Molecules
Lisa von Kleist and Volker Haucke
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

The Ins and outs of HIV-1 Tat
Solène Debaisieux, Fabienne Rayne, Hocine Yezid and Bruno Beaumelle
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

Proline-Rich Regions and Motifs in Trafficking: From ESCRT Interaction to Viral Exploitation
Xuefeng Ren and James H. Hurley
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 10: 1282–1290, Abstract

ESCRT Proteins and Cell Signalling
Catherine Sem Wegner, Lina M. W. Rodahl and Harald Stenmark
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 10: 1291–1297, Abstract

Regulation of Vps4 During MVB Sorting and Cytokinesis
Markus Babst, Brian A. Davies and David J. Katzmann
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 10: 1298–1305, Abstract

How Ubiquitin Functions with ESCRTs
S. Brookhart Shields and Robert C. Piper
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 10: 1306–1317, Abstract

ESCRT Machinery and Cytokinesis: the Road to Daughter Cell Separation
Anna Caballe and Juan Martin-Serrano
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 10: 1318–1326, Abstract

Ubiquitination of Substrates by Esterification
Xiaoli Wang, Roger A. Herr and Ted H. Hansen
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

Spatial Guidance of Cell Asymmetry: Septin GTPases Show the Way
Elias T. Spiliotis and Amy S. Gladfelter
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

Endocytosis and Endosomes at the Crossroads of Regulating Trafficking of Axon Outgrowth-Modifying Receptors
Bettina Winckler and Chan Choo Yap
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 9: 1099–1108, Abstract

Intramembrane Proteolysis in Regulated Protein Trafficking
Marius K. Lemberg
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 9: 1109–1118, Abstract

Mobile microRNAs hit the target
Nial R. Gursanscky, Iain R. Searle and Bernard J. Carroll
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

A modular and combinatorial view of the antigen cross-presentation pathway in dendritic cells
Elodie Segura and José A. Villadangos
Traffic, Accepted article, Abstract

The new faces of endocytosis in signaling
Anna Hupalowska and Marta Miaczynska
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

Coordination of incoming and outgoing traffic in antigen presenting cells by pattern recognition receptors and T cells
Priyanka Nair, Derk Amsen and J. Magarian Blander
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

Phosphatidylinositol-3,5-bisphosphate: no longer the poor PIP2
Cheuk Y. Ho, Tamadher A. Alghamdi and Roberto J. Botelho
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

Physiology and Pathology of Endosome-to-Golgi Retrograde Sorting
Christopher G. Burd
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 8: 948–955, Abstract

Exosome secretion : molecular mechanisms and roles in immune responses
Angélique Bobrie, Marina Colombo, Graça Raposo and Clotilde Théry
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

Regulation of Vps4 during MVB Sorting and Cytokinesis
Brian A. Davies, Markus Babst and David J. Katzmann
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

Mitotic Moonlighting Functions for Membrane Trafficking Proteins
Stephen J. Royle
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 7: 791–798, Abstract

Unconventional Secretory Machinery of Fibroblast Growth Factor 2
Walter Nickel
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 7: 799–805, Abstract

SNARE Proteins Underpin Insulin-Regulated GLUT4 Traffic
Nia J. Bryant and Gwyn W. Gould
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 6: 657–664, Abstract

The Sugar Is sIRVed: Sorting Glut4 and Its Fellow Travelers
Konstantin V. Kandror and Paul F. Pilch
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 6: 665–671, Abstract

Mapping Insulin/GLUT4 Circuitry
Alexander F. Rowland, Daniel J. Fazakerley and David E. James
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 6: 672–681, Abstract

Molecular Mechanism of Co-translational Protein Targeting by the Signal Recognition Particle
Ishu Saraogi and Shu-ou Shan
Traffic, Vol 12, Issue 5, Abstract

Retrograde transport – two (or more) roads diverged in an endosomal tree?
Ludger Johannes, Christian Wunder
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

Recent advances in retromer biology
Ian J. McGough, Peter J. Cullen
Traffic, Accepted Article, Abstract

The Regulation of Endosome-to-Golgi Retrograde Transport by Tethers and Scaffolds
Pei Zhi Cheryl Chia, Paul A. Gleeson
Traffic, Early View, Abstract

The Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator's Expanding SNARE Interactome
Bor Luen Tang, Heon Yung Gee and Min Goo Lee
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 4: 364-371, Abstract

‘Life is a Highway’: Membrane Trafficking During Cytokinesis
Heather F. McKay and David R. Burgess
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 3: 247–251, Abstract

Peroxisome Metabolism and Cellular Aging
Vladimir I. Titorenko and Stanley R. Terlecky
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 3: 252–259, Abstract

Role of Ubiquitination in Endocytic Trafficking of G-Protein-Coupled Receptors
James N. Hislop and Mark von Zastrow
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 2: 137–148, Abstract

The Multiple Facets of Ubiquitination in the Regulation of Notch Signaling Pathway
Stéphanie Le Bras, Nicolas Loyer and Roland Le Borgne
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 2: 149–161, Abstract

Exploitation of the Ubiquitin System by Invading Bacteria
Olivia Steele-Mortimer
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 2: 162–169, Abstract

Oxidative Protein Folding in the Secretory Pathway and Redox Signaling Across Compartments and Cells
Éva Margittai and Roberto Sitia
Traffic, Volume 12, Issue 1: 1-8, Abstract

Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis at the Synaptic Terminal: Bridging the Gap Between Physiology and Molecules
Stephen J. Royle and Leon Lagnado
Traffic, Volume 11, Issue 12: 1489–1497, Abstract

Subcellular Communication Through RNA Transport and Localized Protein Synthesis
Christopher J. Donnelly, Mike Fainzilber and Jeffery L. Twiss
Traffic, Volume 11, Issue 12: 1498–1505, Abstract

Endosomal Signaling and a Novel Pathway Defined by the Natural Killer Receptor KIR2DL4 (CD158d)
Sumati Rajagopalan
Traffic, Volume 11, Issue 11, p. 1381–1390, Abstract

Unraveling the Golgi Ribbon
Jen-Hsuan Wei and Joachim Seemann
Traffic, Volume 11, Issue 11, p. 1391–1400, Abstract

Wnt Trafficking: New Insights into Wnt Maturation, Secretion and Spreading
Fillip Port and Konrad Basler
Traffic, Volume 11, Issue 10, p. 1265–1271, Abstract

Cdc42 and Vesicle Trafficking in Polarized Cells
Kathryn P. Harris and Ulrich Tepass
Traffic, Volume 11, Issue 10, p. 1272–1279, Abstract

The Role of Autophagy During Development in Higher Eukaryotes
Sabrina Di Bartolomeo, Francesca Nazio and Francesco Cecconi
Traffic, Volume 11, Issue 10, p. 1280–1289, Abstract

The Emerging Role of VHS Domain-Containing Tom1, Tom1L1 and Tom1L2 in Membrane Trafficking
Tuanlao Wang, Ning Sheng Liu, Li-Fong Seet and Wanjin Hong
Traffic, Volume 11, Issue 9, p. 1119–1128, Abstract

The Membrane-Associated Protein, Supervillin, Accelerates F-Actin-Dependent Rapid Integrin Recycling and Cell Motility
Zhiyou Fang, Norio Takizawa, Korey A. Wilson, Tara C. Smith, Anna Delprato, Michael W. Davidson, David G. Lambright and Elizabeth J. Luna
Traffic, Volume 11, Issue 6: 782–799, Abstract

Lipids on Trial: The Search for the Offending Metabolite in Niemann-Pick type C Disease
Emyr Lloyd-Evans and Frances M. Platt
Traffic, Volume 11, Issue 4: 419–428, Abstract

Exocytotic Vesicle Behaviour Assessed by Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy
James G. Burchfield, Jamie A. Lopez, Katarina Mele, Pascal Vallotton and William E. Hughes
Traffic, Volume 11, Issue 4: 429–439, Abstract

Stonins—Specialized Adaptors for Synaptic Vesicle Recycling and Beyond?
Tanja Maritzen, Jasmin Podufall and Volker Haucke
Traffic, Volume 11, Issue 1: 8–15, Abstract

A. Marie Phillips, Mani Ramaswami and Leonard E. Kelly
Traffic, Volume 11, Issue 1: 16–24, Abstract

Endocytosis and Intracellular Trafficking of Human Natural Killer Cell Receptors
Madhan Masilamani, Giovanna Peruzzi, Francisco Borrego and John E. Coligan
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 12: 1735–1744, Abstract

The Emerging Role of the RAB25 Small GTPase in Cancer
Roshan Agarwal, Igor Jurisica, Gordon B. Mills and Kwai Wa Cheng
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 11: 1561–1568, Abstract

Adaptive Regulation at the Cell Surface by N-Glycosylation
James W. Dennis, Ken S. Lau, Michael Demetriou and Ivan R. Nabi
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 11: 1569–1578, Abstract

Structural Mechanisms for Regulation of Membrane Traffic by Rab GTPases
Meng-Tse Gabe Lee, Ashwini Mishra and David G. Lambright
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 10: 1377–1389, Abstract

Death by Committee: Organellar Trafficking and Communication in Apoptosis
Joseph E. Aslan and Gary Thomas
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 10: 1390–1404, Abstract

Transportin Mediates Nuclear Entry of DNA in Vertebrate Systems
Aurelie Lachish-Zalait, Corine K. Lau, Boris Fichtman, Ella Zimmerman, Amnon Harel, Michelle R. Gaylord, Douglass J. Forbes and Michael Elbaum
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 10: 1414–1428, Abstract

Importins and Beyond: Non-Conventional Nuclear Transport Mechanisms
Kylie M. Wagstaff and David A. Jans
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 9: 1188–1198, Abstract

Messenger RNA Export from the Nucleus: A Series of Molecular Wardrobe Changes
Seth M. Kelly and Anita H. Corbett
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 9: 1199–1208, Abstract

The EGFR-GEP100-Arf6-AMAP1 Signaling Pathway Specific to Breast Cancer Invasion and Metastasis
Hisataka Sabe, Shigeru Hashimoto, Masaki Morishige, Eiji Ogawa, Ari Hashimoto, Jin-Min Nam, Koichi Miura, Hajime Yano and Yasuhito Onodera
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 8: 982–993, Abstract

Riding Shotgun: A Dual Role for the Epidermal Growth Factor-Cripto/FRL-1/Cryptic Protein Cripto in Nodal Trafficking
Daniel B. Constam
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 7: 783–791, Abstract

Secretion of Hedgehog-Related Peptides and WNT During Caenorhabditis elegans Development
Irina Kolotuev, Ahmet Apaydin and Michel Labouesse
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 7: 803–810, Abstract

Post-Golgi Traffic in Plants
Sandra Richter, Ute Voß and Gerd Jürgens
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 7: 819–828, Abstract

Macroautophagy in Immunity and Tolerance
Monique Gannagé and Christian Münz
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 6: 615–620, Abstract

Dynamic Partitioning of a Glycosyl-Phosphatidylinositol-Anchored Protein in Glycosphingolipid-Rich Microdomains Imaged by Single-Quantum Dot Tracking
Fabien Pinaud, Xavier Michalet, Gopal Iyer, Emmanuel Margeat, Hsiao-Ping Moore and Shimon Weiss
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 6: 691–712, Abstract

Basal Body Assembly in Ciliates: The Power of Numbers
Chad G. Pearson and Mark Winey
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 5: 461–471, Abstract

Centrosome Function: Sometimes Less Is More
Nasser M. Rusan and Gregory C. Rogers
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 5: 472–481, Abstract

From Zero to Many: Control of Centriole Number in Development and Disease
Inês Cunha-Ferreira, Inês Bento and Mónica Bettencourt-Dias
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 5: 482–498, Abstract

Defining Macropinocytosis
Markus C. Kerr and Rohan D. Teasdale
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 4: 364–371, Abstract

Regulation of Cadherin Trafficking
Emmanuella Delva and Andrew P. Kowalczyk
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 3: 259–267, Abstract

Touch, Grasp, Deliver and Control: Functional Cross-Talk Between Microtubules and Cell Adhesions
Anna Akhmanova, Samantha J Stehbens and Alpha S Yap
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 3: 268–274, Abstract

Sensing, Signaling and Sorting Events in Kidney Epithelial Cell Physiology
Dennis Brown, Sylvie Breton, Dennis A. Ausiello and Vladimir Marshansky
Traffic, Volume 10, Issue 3: 275–284, Abstract

Endocytosis and Cancer: an 'Insider' Network with Dangerous Liaisons
Letizia Lanzetti, Pier Paolo Di Fiore
Traffic, Volume 9 Issue 12: 2011 – 2021, Abstract

Salmonella-Containing Vacuoles: Directing Traffic and Nesting to Grow
Malina A. Bakowski, Virginie Braun, John H. Brumell
Traffic, Volume 9 Issue 12: 2022 – 2031, Abstract

The TRAPP Complex: Insights into its Architecture and Function
Michael Sacher, Yeon-Gil Kim, Arnon Lavie, Byung-Ha Oh, Nava Segev
Traffic, Volume 9 Issue 12: 2032 – 2042, Abstract

Mechanisms of EHD/RME-1 Protein Function in Endocytic Transport
Barth D. Grant, Steve Caplan
Traffic, Volume 9 Issue 12: 2043 – 2052, Abstract

The Structure and Function of the Retromer Protein Complex
Brett M. Collins

Traffic, Volume 9 Issue 11: 1811 – 1822, Abstract

Multiple Vacuoles in Plant Cells: Rule or Exception?
Lorenzo Frigerio, Giselbert Hinz, David G. Robinson
Traffic, Volume 9 Issue 10: 1564 – 1570, Abstract

The Plant ER–Golgi Interface
Chris Hawes, Anne Osterrieder, Eric Hummel, Imogen Sparkes
Traffic, Volume 9 Issue 10: 1571 – 1580, Abstract

Endoplasmic Reticulum Quality Control and the Unfolded Protein Response: Insights from Plants
Alessandro Vitale, Rebecca S. Boston
Traffic, Volume 9 Issue 10: 1581 – 1588, Abstract

Endosomal Functions in Plants
Marisa S. Otegui, Christoph Spitzer
Traffic, Volume 9 Issue 10, 1589 – 1598, Abstract

Intermediate Organelles of the Plant Secretory Pathway: Identity and Function
Ombretta Foresti, Jürgen Denecke
Traffic, Volume 9 Issue 10: 1599 – 1612, Abstract

Going with the Flow: Trafficking-Dependent and -Independent Regulation of Serotonin Transport
Jennifer A. Steiner, Ana Marin D. Carneiro, Randy D. Blakely
Traffic, Volume 9 Issue 9: 1393 – 1402, Abstract

For Better or for Worse: Complexins Regulate SNARE Function and Vesicle Fusion
Nils Brose
Traffic, Volume 9 Issue 9: 1403 – 1413, Abstract

Vesicle Docking in Regulated Exocytosis
Matthijs Verhage, Jakob B. Sørensen
Traffic, Volume 9 Issue 9: 1414 – 1424, Abstract

Trafficking of Vesicular Neurotransmitter Transporters
Hao Fei, Anna Grygoruk, Elizabeth S. Brooks, Audrey Chen, David E. Krantz
Traffic, Volume 9 Issue 9: 1425 – 1436, Abstract

Secretory Outposts for the Local Processing of Membrane Cargo in Neuronal Dendrites
Cyril Hanus, Michael D. Ehlers
Traffic, Volume 9 Issue 9: 1437 – 1445, Abstract

Molecular Mechanisms of PLD Function in Membrane Traffic
Michael G. Roth
Traffic, Volume 9 Issue 8:  1233 – 1239, Abstract

Endosomal Phosphoinositides and Human Diseases
Anne-Sophie Nicot, Jocelyn Laporte
Traffic, Volume 9 Issue 8:  1240 – 1249, Abstract

Membrane Traffic and Muscle: Lessons from Human Disease
James J. Dowling, Elizabeth M. Gibbs, Eva L. Feldman
Traffic, Volume 9, Issue 7: 1035 – 1043, Abstract

The Sarcoplasmic Reticulum: An Organized Patchwork of Specialized Domains
Daniela Rossi, Virginia Barone, Emiliana Giacomello, Vincenza Cusimano, Vincenzo Sorrentino
Traffic, Volume 9, Issue 7: 1044 – 1049, Abstract

Myoblast Fusion in Fly and Vertebrates: New Genes, New Processes and New Perspectives
Brian E. Richardson, Scott J. Nowak, Mary K. Baylies
Traffic, Volume 9, Issue 7: 1050 – 1059, Abstract

The Recognition and Retrotranslocation of Misfolded Proteins from the Endoplasmic Reticulum
Kunio Nakatsukasa, Jeffrey L. Brodsky
Traffic, Volume 9, Issue 6: 861 – 870, Abstract

Exosome Function: From Tumor Immunology to Pathogen Biology
Jeffrey S. Schorey, Sanchita Bhatnagar
Traffic, Volume 9, Issue 6: 871 – 881, Abstract

Migration of Apicomplexa Across Biological Barriers: The Toxoplasma and Plasmodium Rides
Isabelle Tardieux, Robert Ménard
Traffic, Volume 9, Issue 5: 627 – 635, Abstract

Protein Trafficking inside Toxoplasma gondii
Lilach Sheiner, Dominique Soldati-Favre
Traffic, Volume 9, Issue 5: 636 – 646, Abstract

Apicomplexa in Mammalian Cells: Trafficking to the Parasitophorous Vacuole
Marie-France Cesbron-Delauw, Claire Gendrin, Laetitia Travier, Pauline Ruffiot, Corinne Mercier
Traffic, Volume 9 Issue 5: 657 – 664, Abstract

A Picky Eater: Exploring the Mechanisms of Selective Autophagy in Human Pathologies
Aniek van der Vaart, Muriel Mari, Fulvio Reggiori
Traffic, Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 281 – 289, Abstract

The Tail that Wags the Dog: The Globular Tail Domain Defines the Function of Myosin V/XI
Jian-Feng Li, Andreas Nebenführ
Traffic, Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 290 – 298, Abstract

How Many Ways Through the Golgi Maze?
Kristian Prydz, Gunnar Dick, Heidi Tveit
Traffic, Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 299 – 304, Abstract

Protein Transport Across the Parasitophorous Vacuole of Plasmodium falciparum: Into the Great Wide Open
Stefan Charpian, Jude M. Przyborski
Traffic, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 157 – 165, Abstract

Protein Targeting to the Malaria Parasite Plastid
Christopher J. Tonkin, Ming Kalanon, Geoffrey I. McFadden
Traffic, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 166 – 175, Abstract

Protein Trafficking to Apical Organelles of Malaria Parasites – Building an Invasion Machine
Lev M. Kats, Brian M. Cooke, Ross L. Coppel, Casilda G. Black
Traffic, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 176 – 186, Abstract

The Twists and Turns of Maurer's Cleft Trafficking in P. falciparum-Infected Erythrocytes
Leann Tilley, Rachid Sougrat, Trevor Lithgow, Eric Hanssen
Traffic, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 187 – 197, Abstract

Endocytosis: A Positive or a Negative Influence on Wnt Signalling? 
Maria Gagliardi, Eugenia Piddini, Jean-Paul Vincent
Traffic, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 1 – 9, Abstract

Cytosol to Lysosome Transport of Intracellular Antigens During Immune Surveillance
Victoria L. Crotzer, Janice S. Blum
Traffic, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 10 – 16, Abstract

Trafficking and Cellular Distribution of Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels
Fiona S. Cusdin, Jeffrey J. Clare, Antony P. Jackson
Traffic, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 17 – 26, Abstract

AAA ATPases: Achieving Diversity of Function with Conserved Machinery
Susan Roehl White, Brett Lauring
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 12: 1657 - 1667, Abstract

Moving Mitochondria: Establishing Distribution of an Essential Organelle
Rebecca L. Frederick, Janet M. Shaw
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 12: 1668 - 1675, Abstract

Arf GAPs and Their Interacting Proteins
Hiroki Inoue, Paul A. Randazzo
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 11: 1465 - 1475, Abstract

Regulation of Arf Activation: the Sec7 Family of Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factors
James E. Casanova
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 11: 1476 - 1485, Abstract

Traffic of Proteins and Peptides across Membranes for Immunosurveillance by CD8 T Lymphocytes: A Topological Challenge
Carolina Johnstone, Margarita Del Val
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 11: 1486 - 1494, Abstract

The Role of Ubiquitin in Retroviral Egress
Juan Martin-Serrano
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 10: 1297 - 1303, Abstract

Endocytosis at Ribbon Synapses
Lisamarie LoGiudice, Gary Matthews
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 9: 1123 - 1128, Abstract

Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis at Synapses
Nadja Jung, Volker Haucke
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 9: 1129 - 1136, Abstract

Kiss-and-run, Collapse and 'Readily Retrievable' Vesicles
Silvio O. Rizzoli, Reinhard Jahn
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 9: 1137 - 1144, Abstract

Annexins and Endocytosis
Clare E. Futter, Ian J. White
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 8: 951 - 958, Abstract

Notch Signaling – Constantly on the Move
James T. Nichols, Alison Miyamoto, Gerry Weinmaster
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 8: 959 - 969, Abstract

Dysferlin in Membrane Trafficking and Patch Repair
Louise Glover, Robert H. Brown Jr
Trafficm, Volume 8 Issue 7: 785 - 794, Abstract

Intracellular Trafficking in the Trypanosomatids
Mark C. Field, Senthil Kumar A. Natesan, Carme Gabernet-Castello, V. Lila Koumandou
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 6: 629 - 639, Abstract

Multiple Roles of Auxilin and Hsc70 in Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis
Evan Eisenberg, Lois E. Greene
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 6: 640 - 646, Abstract

Chloroplast Division
Jonathan M. Glynn, Shin-ya Miyagishima, David W. Yoder, Katherine W. Osteryoung, Stanislav Vitha
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 5: 451 - 461, Abstract

Clathrin-Dependent Mechanisms of G Protein-coupled Receptor Endocytosis
Breann L. Wolfe, JoAnn Trejo
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 5: 462 - 470, Abstract

The Phagosome: Compartment with a License to Kill
Albert Haas
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 4: 311 - 330, Abstract

Hitch-hiking Between Cells on Lipoprotein Particles
Sylvia Neumann, Martin Harterink, Hein Sprong
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 4: 331 - 338, Abstract

Processing and Assembly of the Dystrophin Glycoprotein Complex
Michael J. Allikian, Elizabeth M. McNally
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 3: 177 - 183, Abstract

Golgi Complex Organization in Skeletal Muscle: A Role for Golgi-Mediated Glycosylation in Muscular Dystrophies?
Justin M. Percival, Stanley C. Froehner
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 3: 184 - 194, Abstract

Tetraspanins as Regulators of Protein Trafficking
Fedor Berditchevski, Elena Odintsova
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 2: 89 - 96, Abstract

Sensory Cilia and Integration of Signal Transduction in Human Health and Disease
Søren T. Christensen, Lotte B. Pedersen, Linda Schneider, Peter Satir
Traffic, Volume 8 Issue 2: 97 - 109, Abstract

Intracellular Trafficking of RNA in Neurons
Wayne S. Sossin, Luc DesGroseillers
Traffic, Volume 7 Issue 12: 1581 - 1589, Abstract

Endoplasmic Reticulum and Golgi Complex: Contributions to, and Turnover by, Autophagy
Dalibor Mijaljica, Mark Prescott, Rodney J. Devenish
Traffic, Volume 7 Issue 12: 1590 - 1595, Abstract

Keep the Traffic Moving: Mechanism of the Hsp70 Motor
Rui Sousa, Eileen M. Lafer
Traffic, Volume 7 Issue 12: 1596 - 1603, Abstract

Regulation of Apicomplexan Microfilament Dynamics by a Minimal Set of Actin-Binding Proteins
Herwig Schüler, Kai Matuschewski
Traffic, Volume 7 Issue 11: 1433 - 1439, Abstract

Retrovirus RNA Trafficking: From Chromatin to Invasive Genomes
Chad M. Swanson, Michael H. Malim
Traffic, Volume 7 Issue 11: 1440 - 1450, Abstract

Regulation of Cytoskeletal Dynamics at the Immune Synapse: New Stars Join the Actin Troupe
Daniel D. Billadeau, Janis K. Burkhardt
Traffic, Volume 7 Issue 11: 1451 - 1460, Abstract

PEX Genes in Fungal Genomes: Common, Rare or Redundant
Jan A.K.W. Kiel, Marten Veenhuis, Ida J. van der Klei
Traffic, Volume 7 Issue 10: 1291 - 1303, Abstract

Nonconventional Trafficking of Ras Associated with Ras Signal Organization
Uri Ashery, Ofer Yizhar, Barak Rotblat, Yoel Kloog
Traffic, Volume 7 Issue 9: 1119 - 1126, Abstract

Recognition and Delivery of Effector Proteins into Eukaryotic Cells by Bacterial Secretion Systems
Eric D. Cambronne, Craig R. Roy
Traffic, Volume 7 Issue 8, Pages 929 - 939, Abstract

Toward the Systems Biology of Vesicle Transport
Nicole R. Quenneville, Elizabeth Conibear
Traffic, Volume 7 Issue 7: 761 - 768, Abstract

The Quest for the Mechanism of Melanin Transfer
Karolien Van Den Bossche, Jean-Marie Naeyaert, Jo Lambert
Traffic, Volume 7 Issue 7: 769 - 778, Abstract

Setting SNAREs in a Different Wood
Jens-Uwe Sutter, Prisca Campanoni, Michael R. Blatt, Manuel Paneque
Traffic, Volume 7 Issue 6: 627 - 638, Abstract

Morphogenesis of the Endoplasmic Reticulum: Beyond Active Membrane Expansion
Cécile Vedrenne, Hans-Peter Hauri
Traffic, Volume 7 Issue 6: 639 - 646, Abstract

Axonal Transport of Microtubules: the Long and Short of It
Peter W. Baas, C. Vidya Nadar, Kenneth A. Myers
Traffic, Volume 7 Issue 5: 490 - 498, Abstract

Microtubule Plus End: A Hub of Cellular Activities
Gideon Lansbergen, Anna Akhmanova
Traffic, Volume 7 Issue 5: 499 - 507 Abstract

RNA Trafficking in Axons
Jose R. Sotelo-Silveira, Aldo Calliari, Alejandra Kun, Edward Koenig, Jose R. Sotelo
Traffic, Volume 7 Issue 5: 508 - 515, Abstract

Viral Strategies for Intracellular Trafficking: Motors and Microtubules
Philip L. Leopold, K. Kevin Pfister
Traffic, Volume 7 Issue 5: 516 - 523, Abstract

Dynamin and Cytokinesis
Catherine A. Konopka, Justin B. Schleede, Ahna R. Skop, Sebastian Y. Bednarek
Traffic, Volume 7 Issue 3: 239 - 247, Abstract

The Function and Diversity of Plastid Protein Import Pathways: A Multilane GTPase Highway into Plastids
Felix Kessler, Danny J. Schnell
Traffic, Volume 7 Issue 3: 248 - 257, Abstract