Journal of Applied Crystallography

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WinGX and ORTEP for Windows: an update
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New developments in the ATSAS program package for small-angle scattering data analysis
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SIR2011: a new package for crystal structure determination and refinement
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Nika: software for two-dimensional data reduction
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CrystFEL: a software suite for snapshot serial crystallography
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Instrumental setup for high-throughput small- and wide-angle solution scattering at the X33 beamline of EMBL Hamburg
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PDFgetX3: a rapid and highly automatable program for processing powder diffraction data into total scattering pair distribution functions
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PASCal: a principal axis strain calculator for thermal expansion and compressibility determination
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XDSAPP: a graphical user interface for the convenient processing of diffraction data using XDS
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MossA: a program for analyzing energy-domain Mossbauer spectra from conventional and synchrotron sources
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