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  • Persistent Shortness of Breath in a Kidney Transplant Recipient
  • Intracellular Crystalline Inclusions in a Kidney Transplant Recipient
  • Persistent Bile Leak After Deceased Donor Split Liver Transplantation
  • Fever, Maculopapular Rash and Severe Aphthous Stomatitis in a Renal Transplant Patient
  • Acute Decompensation of Allograft Function in a Kidney Transplant Recipient

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Allograft biopsies have served as the standard for diagnosis in organ transplantation, but their utility has been limited by sampling error. Increasingly, practitioners have looked toward sampling techniques that are less invasive than tissue biopsy and at the same time reflect the entire organ's condition. In this issue we highlight two articles (Greenland et al and Neujahr et al) examining the utility of bronchoalveolar lavage in assessing lung transplant rejection. Both of these studies find that there is substantial untapped information to be gleaned from this secretory product—information that has both diagnostic and mechanistic value. We also present a case report (Calvo et al) of a rare metabolic disorder, lathosterolosis, that was successfully treated by liver transplantation, and surprisingly mollified an autism phenotype associated with this disease. Cover design by Ken North, North Design Group.

Read the Editor's picks of the month:

Altered glycosylation in donor mice causes rejection of strain-matched skin and heart grafts
H. Gock, L. J. Murray-Segal, A. C. Winterhalter, A. Aminian, G. T. C. Moore, S.J. Brown, A. J. F. d'Apice and P. J. Cowan

Is Donor Glycosylation the Gatekeeper for Xenotransplantation?
B.A. Cobb

Bronchoalveolar Lavage Cell Immunophenotyping Facilitates Diagnosis of Lung Allograft Rejection
J. R. Greenland, N. P. Jewell, M. Gottschall, N. N. Trivedi, J. Kukreja, S. R. Hays, J. P. Singer, J. A. Golden and G. H. Caughey

Assessing the Cells in the Lung Lavage: an Untapped Resource in Lung Transplant Monitoring
D. C. Neujahr

Bile acid aspiration associated with lung chemical profile linked to other biomarkers of injury after lung transplantation
D. C. Neujahr, K. Uppal, S. D. Force, F. Fernandez, C. Lawrence, A. Pickens, R. Bag, C. Lockard, A. D. Kirk, V. Tran, K. Lee, D. P. Jones and
Y. Park

Sterile Leukocyturia is Associated with Interstitial Fibrosis and Tubular Atrophy in Kidney Allograft Protocol Biopsies
S. Coelho, F. Ortíz, R. Gelpi, P. Koskinen, N. Porta, O. Bestard, E. Melilli, O. Taco, J. Torras, E. Honkanen, J. M. Grinyó and J. M. Cruzado

The AJT Report

Kidney transplant surgeons will take a 10% pay cut in relative value units in 2014. This issue of “The AJT Report” investigates what this cut might mean for transplantation. Also in this issue, we take a look at two new independent studies showing an increased risk of end-stage renal disease in kidney donors.


AJT Report April

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We invite you to read this key paper:

Liver transplantation in Defects of Cholesterol Biosynthesis. The case of lathosterolosis.

Liver transplantation corrects the metabolic unbalance in a child with lathosterolosis (OMIM #607330) and favors amelioration of her neurodevelopmental delay.

In Memoriam—Anthony (Tony) Allison
Published on March 10, 2014

On February 20, 2014 Anthony (Tony) Clifford Allison died from the complications of end-stage pulmonary fibrosis in his home overlooking the Belmont Valley near San Francisco.


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