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The AJT Report

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The AJT Report is a monthly feature in the American Journal of Transplantation that reports on news and issues that affect organ and tissue transplantation. This forum, reported by journalist Lara Pullen, covers emerging issues in transplantation – often ahead of their coverage in the traditional peer-reviewed literature – to update, inform and encourage discussion among AJT readers.

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Jan:  Transplantation Remains Daunting for Many Veterans


Dec: NIH to Lift Moratorium on Chimera Research Funding
Nov: Stem Cell Derived Beta Cells:The State of the Science
Oct:The Value of P
Sep:Donor Intervention Research
Aug:White House Holds Summit On Organ Transplantation
Jul: Mind the Gap
Jun: Increasing Access
May:3D Printing in Transplantation
Apr:The Cancer Conundrum
Mar: Transplantation on the Rise in Puerto Rico
Feb: US to Offer Uterus Transplants
Jan:Transplantation and Marijuana Use


Dec: Living Donor Liver Transplants Poised for Comeback
Nov: THE VISIONARIES: Two transplant innovators discuss the specialty
Oct: ICD-10 Is Here
Sep:Playing The Odds
Aug: The HIV Shift
Jul: 2015 American Transplant Congress Targets Hot Issues in Transplantation
Jun: Transplant Games Promote Donation, Showcase Healthy Recipients
May: Multilisting Task Force
Apr:Needed: Champions for Pancreas Transplantation
Feb:Transplantation at the Grassroots Level
Jan:Fecal Microbiota Transplantation


Dec:Liver Community Split on Redistricting
Nov:New Treaty Aims to Curb Organ Trafficking
Oct:The IVIg Dilemma
Sep:Transplantation at the VA
Aug:A Collaborative Effort
Jul:Nationalizing Paired Donation
Jun:The Evolving Field of Gut Rehabilitation
May:Holding Pattern
Apr:Reimbursement Realities
Mar:Does Robotics Have a Place in Transplantation?
Feb:Fewer Living Donors
Jan:Good Measure


Dec:One of Transplant's Key Challenges
Nov:Organ Offer Management
Oct:A New Transplant Program in China
Sep:Organ Donor Shift
Aug:Two Children Added to Adult Lung Transplant Waitlist
Jul:Reaching the Hispanic Patient
Jun:Expansion Plans
May:Trust Is Everything
Apr:Heart Failure Options Broaden
Mar:The Challenges of Hepatocyte Research
Feb:What's Ahead for Renal Wait List Management
Jan:The Unintended Consequences of Privacy


Dec:You Aren't Who You Think You Are
Nov: Genetic Factor May Limit Kidney Donation
Oct: Hype, Hope and Reality
Sep: Adherence Efforts Go High-Tech
Aug: Artificial Pancreas Within Reach
Jul: How Big Is Too Big?
Jun: Pushing the (Age) Limit
May: Budget Scalpel Hovers Over Medical Research
Apr: A Maze of Information
Mar: Can Transplantation Be Zero Risk?
Feb: The Uninformed Dialysis Patient
Jan: Missing the Mark


Dec: Will the National Paired Donation Program Take Off?
Nov: Global Library of Adverse Events and Reactions Expected to Launch in 2012
Oct: The Next Wave of Healthcare Reform
Sep: Alemtuzumab Shows Promise as Off-Label Induction Therapy
Aug: New Kidney Allocation Concept Moves Forward
Jul: Check and Recheck
Jun: Has Transplantation Lost Its Luster?
May: NIH Supports Xenotransplantation
Apr: Death by Budget Cuts?
Mar: World's First Living Organ Donor Dies
Feb: Are Personalized Organs in Our Future?
Jan: Surfing the Transplant Web


Dec: Transplantation in Europe
Nov: AMR: A Difficult Problem With No Easy Solution
Oct: Best Intentions Gone Awry
Sep: What's in a Name?
Aug: The Cancer Connection
Jul: Health-Care Reform
Jun: Allocation Overhaul
May: The American Journal of Transplantation Celebrates its 10th Year
Apr: Can Generics Be Trusted?
Mar: Survival Rates Increase in Bowel Transplantation
Feb: New Drugs on the Horizon for Hepatitis C
Jan: Wrestling With Positive Cross-Matches


Dec: Our Generation of Chronically Ill Children
Nov: Belatacept Results Promising...with Some Caveats
Oct: Location, Location, Location
Sep: Growing Pains
Aug: The National Paired Donation Program
Jul: LYFT or Drop?
Jun: What Would Maria Theresa Do?
May: The Dangers of DCD Livers
Apr: More Players and Strategies for Islet Xenotransplantation
Mar: Consented, But Not Used
Feb: Such a Waste
Jan: Countries "Go National" to Increase Donor Rates


Dec: New CMS Regulations May Impact Practice
Nov: Living Donors Face Financial Impact
Oct: Is the Transplant Drug Glass Half Empty of Half Full?
Sep: MELDolody: The Science of Liver Allocation
Aug: Transplant Leaders Take On Organ Trafficking
Jul: Racial Bias...Fact or Fiction?
Jun: Does Size Matter?
May: The Breakthrough Boost
Apr: Fed Up With the FDA
Mar: Is the Iranian Paid Donation Model a Success...or Not?
Feb: New Kidney Allocation Policy Seeks Balance of Justice and Utility
Jan: China Reforms Transplant Practices in Bid to Join International Community