Oral Diseases

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Edited By: Bruce Baum and Crispian Scully

Impact Factor: 2.0

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2015: 22/89 (Dentistry Oral Surgery & Medicine)

Online ISSN: 1601-0825

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2015 Oral Diseases Awards

Best Reviewers:
Ricardo D Coletta, Piracicaba, Brazil
Velia Ramirez-Amador, Mexico City, Mexico

Best Review Articles:
The oral microbiome and nitric oxide homoeostasis
MP Hezel and E Weitzberg

Human papillomavirus and cancerous diseases of the head and neck: a systematic review and meta-analysis
R Saulle, L Semyonov, A Mannocci, A Careri, F Saburri, L Ottolenghi, F Guerra and G La Torre

Best Original Articles:
Programmable bio-nanochip-based cytologic testing of oral potentially malignant disorders in Fanconi anemia
PN Floriano, T Abram, L Taylor, C Le, H Talavera, M Nguyen, R Raja, A Gillenwater, J McDevitt and N Vigneswaran

Diagnostic properties of ultrasound of major salivary glands in Sjögren's syndrome
K Delli, PU Dijkstra, AJ Stel, H Bootsma, A Vissink and FKL Spijkervet

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Featured Invited Medical Review:
Advances, practice, and clinical perspectives in high-throughput sequencing
S-J Park, M Saito-Adachi, Y Komiyama and K Nakai

2 New Article Series from Oral Diseases

Launched this year Oral Diseases brings you 2 new article series.

Concise Reviews are short status reports and are written by leading clinical scientists about timely clinical conditions relevant to oral medicine. Read the latest one:
Narrow band imaging: clinical applications in oral and oropharyngeal cancer
A Vu and CS Farah

Invited Commentaries provide a perspective on recently published articles, from internationally leading biomedical science journals, that are having or soon will have significant impact on oral medicine. From the latest issue:

Alu retroelement-associated autoimmunity in Sjögren's syndrome
Michael T. Brennan and Jean-Luc C. Mougeot

Mandibular advancement splints decrease blood pressure similarly as with continuous positive airway pressure in sleep apnea
NT Huynh

Microbiota-derived metabolites modulate tissue homeostasis: relevance to the oral cavity?
Hervé Le Moual