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Edited By: Hugo Lagercrantz

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Virtual issue: Selected articles from the Biennial Meeting of the International Perinatal Collegium XXII in Amalfi, Italy, June 25-29, 2011.

Scientists from different countries have met approximately every two years since 1970. The idea was to exchange views and discuss new development in the physiological/biochemical problems that pertain to newborn infants.

The meetings have been taking place either in North America or Europe. The last meeting was arranged in June 2011 in Amalfi, Italy and was organized by Giuseppe Buonocore. Many of the founders of modern neonatal intensive care have been members of this society like Bent Friis-Hansen, Gabriel Duc, Charlie Bryan, Alexander Minkowski, Bernard Salle, Rolf Zetterström. Paul Swyer, Mildred Stahlman and Paul Vert are still members of the society.

In this virtual issue seven reports from the meeting are published. They were selected among 35 contributions through voting among the members.

David K Stevenson, Chairman of the International Perinatal Collegium
Hugo Lagercrantz, Editor-in-Chief Acta Paediatrica

Neurodevelopmental outcome at 6 years of age after intrauterine laser therapy for twin-twin transfusion syndrome.
Pauline Graeve, Corinna Banek, Gaby Stegmann-Woessner, Cornelia Maschke, Kurt Hecher, Peter Bartmann.

Neovascularization in retinopathy of prematurity: opposing actions of neuronal factors GPR91 and semaphorins 3A.
Jean-Sébastien Joyal, Samy Omri, Nicholas Sitaras, José-Carlos Rivera, Przemyslaw Sapieha and Sylvain Chemtob.

Unexpected extra-renal effects of loop diuretics in the preterm neonate.
Robert Cotton, Sandra Suarez, Jeff Reese.

Intrapulmonary lipopolysaccharide exposure upregulates cytokine expression in the neonatal brainstem
Kannan V Balan, Prabha Kc, Catherine, A Mayer, Christopher G Wilson, Abdelmadjid Belkadi and Richard J Martin.

A deficiency in haem oxygenase-1 induces foetal growth restriction by placental vasculature defects.
Ronald J Wong, Hui Zhao, David K Stevenson.

Does perinatal exposure to endocrine disruptors induce autism spectrum and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders?
Marijke de Cock, Yolanda G.H. Maas and Margot van de Bor.

Assessing Language and Language Environment of High Risk Infants and Children: a New Approach.
Melinda Caskey, Betty Vohr