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Edited By: Hugo Lagercrantz

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Virtual Issue: Selected articles on obesity published in Acta Paediatrica June 2012 to June 2013.

10 reports focusing on obesity are highlighted. The articles were subject to the journal’s normal peer review process, and are collected together here as a Virtual Issue. The articles cover various aspects of obesity in childhood.

Hugo Lagercrantz, Editor-in-Chief Acta Paediatrica

By removing sugar sweetened beverages from their cafeterias and vending machines US hospitals hope to become a model for efforts to address childhood obesity.
Healthy hospital food initiatives in the United States: time to ban sugar sweetened beverages to reduce childhood obesity
Janet M Wojcicki (2013)

Weight status had no association with asthma or allergy in adolescence after wheezing in infancy – a Finnish study reports.
No association between overweight and asthma or allergy in adolescence after wheezing in infancy
Marja Ruotsalainen, Mari K Hyvärinen, Antti Saari, Eija Piippo-Savolainen, Matti Korppi (2013)

Overweight prevalence has decreased between 2004 and 2011 in 5-6-year-old children from Bordeaux, but the gap between low and non-low-socioeconomic status areas remains unchanged.
Evolution of overweight prevalence among 5–6-year-old children according to socio-economic status
Hélène Thibault, Caroline Carriere, Coralie Langevin, Pascale Barberger-Gateau, Sylvie Maurice (2012)

In Norway’s northernmost county Finnmark, the prevalence of overweight including obesity among 6-year-old children was somewhat higher than in previous surveys from Norway, especially among girls.
High prevalence of overweight and obesity among 6-year-old children in Finnmark County, North Norway
Ane Kokkvoll, Elisabeth Jeppesen, Petur B Juliusson, Trond Flægstad , Inger Njølstad (2012)

Gothenburg boys were more likely to be overweight/obese than girls, although paradoxically boys were more satisfied with their appearance, study on body size, lifestyle and health status reports.
Overweight and obesity in twenty-year-old Swedes in relation to birthweight and weight development during childhood
Christina Fåhraeus, Lill-Kari Wendt, Mats Nilsson, Helen Isaksson, Anita Alm, Boel Andersson-Gäre (2012)

A Swedish study concludes that during the preschool period, the entire population should be the target of primary prevention from overweight ⁄ obesity and, in the case of teenagers, prevention strategies should be developed for the whole population as well as treatment strategies for teenagers with established overweight/ obesity.
Body size and lifestyle in an urban population entering adulthood: the ‘Grow up Gothenburg’ Study
Agneta Sjöberg, Marie-Louise Barrenäs, Ebba Brann, John Eric Chaplin, Jovanna Dahlgren, Staffan Mårild, Lauren Lissner, Kerstin Albertsson-Wikland (2012)

Intrauterine exposition to high concentrations of leptin and adiponectin may play a role in weight development later in life.
Leptin and adiponectin in cord blood from children of normal weight, overweight and obese mothers
Jan Brynhildsen, Gunilla Sydsjö, Marie Blomberg, Ing-Marie Claesson, Elvar Theodorsson, Fredrik Nyström, Adam Sydsjö, Ann Josefsson (2013)

A Chinese study underscores the importance of weight perception in shaping realistic body image among normal weight children. Education must be introduced to help children accurately look on their body shape.
Weight misperception and its barriers to keep health weight in Chinese children
Min Zhao, Min Zhang, Xiaoqi Zhou, Hongying Yang, Yanhong Yang, Nianhong Yang (2012)

Indicators of sedentary lifestyle, such as screen time and the presence of a TV in the child’s bedroom, were associated with overweight and obesity in Norwegian schoolchildren. Higher parental education was generally associated with less obesogenic lifestyle.
TV viewing and obesity among Norwegian children: the importance of parental education
Hege Kristiansen, Pétur B Júlíusson, Geir E Eide, Mathieu Roelants, Robert Bjerknes (2013)

The effect of obesity and weight change on headache outcomes may have important implications for clinical care as shown in this Italian review article.
Obese children suffer more often from migraine
Alberto Verrotti, Alessia Di Fonzo, Sergio Agostinelli, Giangennaro Coppola, Milena Margiotta, Pasquale Parisi (2012)