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Chief Editors: Alessandro Chiarucci, Valerio Pillar, with Milan Chytrý, Meelis Pärtel (Chair of the Editors)

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Associated Title(s): Applied Vegetation Science

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Editors' Award

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The recipient of the 2015 Journal of Vegetation Science Editors' Award is Kenny Helsen for the paper "Changes in the species and functional trait composition of the seed bank during semi-natural grassland assembly: seed bank disassembly or ecological palimpsest?"

Although seed banks have been studied extensively, functional traits have been rarely considered. Helsen et al. showed that during the recovery of calcareous grassland, a diverse forest-related seed bank was present. Over time, richness of the seed bank decreased but the trait pattern of species gradually started to resemble the permanent grassland seed bank. Most surprisingly, species loss was not determined by seed persistence traits. Instead, functional changes in the above-ground community played a significant role. The work of Helsen et al. is a good example that plant communities are much more than just the above-ground parts we observe.

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Vegetation patterns and their underlying processes - Special feature

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Plant Community Assembly Virtual Issue


One of the most influential persons to the success of the Journal of Vegetation Science is certainly John Bastow Wilson, or simply Bastow for us and for most vegetation scientists at the IAVS meetings. In 2013, Bastow retired from his job at the University of Otago, New Zealand, and also from his position of Chair of the Editors of the Journal of Vegetation Science and Applied Vegetation Science. We acknowledge the work of Bastow for the journals by compiling a Virtual Special Feature in his honour. This Virtual Special Feature contains a collection of fourteen papers published by both the Journal of Vegetation Science and Applied Vegetation Science focusing on the topics of plant community assembly. Among these, influential papers by Bastow were included, which ranged across a wide spectrum of subjects, from the nature of limiting similarity in community assembly (Wilson 2007) to synthesis about the different theories explaining co-existence in plant communities (Wilson 2011a), to methodological contributions on measuring plant cover to characterise community structure (Wilson 2011b) and to the relative value of species presence/absence vs abundance values to describe patterns in plant communities (Wilson 2012). We hope that this Virtual Special Feature will serve as a useful reference and will stimulate vegetation scientists to further advance research on plant community assembly.

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Most Accessed Papers


The following are the most downloaded papers in Journal of Vegetation Science during 2013

Plant species richness: the world records
J. Bastow Wilson, Robert K. Peet, Jürgen Dengler, Meelis Pärtel

Mapping plant strategy types using remote sensing
Sebastian Schmidtlein, Hannes Feilhauer, Helge Bruelheide

Pluralism and diversity: trends in the use and application of ordination methods 1990-2007
Henrik Von Wehrden, Jan Hanspach, Helge Bruelheide, Karsten Wesche

Towards consistency in vegetation classification
Miquel De Cáceres, Susan K. Wiser

Assessing species and community functional responses to environmental gradients: which multivariate methods?
Michael Kleyer, Stéphane Dray, Francescode Bello, Jan LepŠ, Robin J. Pakeman, Barbara Strauss, Wilfried Thuiller, Sandra Lavorel

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