Management and Organization Review

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Edited By: Arie Y. Lewin

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Author Guidelines


Management and Organization Review (MOR) aims to be the premier journal for advancing our knowledge of management and organizations in China and other emerging economies. It is a multidisciplinary journal rooted in the behavioral and social sciences underlying management research, broadly defined. MOR seeks to publish research from diverse social science disciplines such as organization behavior, organization theory, strategic management, economics, economic geography, innovation theories, anthropology, political science, political, cross-cultural, and social psychology, international business, sociology, cognitive science, and institutional theory.  

MOR aspires to attract papers that challenge themselves not only to be methodologically sound but substantively contributing to our understanding of phenomena that are new to the literature and relevant to China or emerging economies. Papers published in MOR can focus on all types of organizations such as firms, academic, educational, and cultural institutions, not for profits, NGOs, governmental organizations, and State Owned Enterprises.   

MOR has an inclusive disciplinary and methodological philosophy and welcomes research at all levels of analysis, such as individual, group, organization, industry, institution, economic systems, international business, and societal cultural studies. MOR editors are especially interested in attracting and publishing forward-looking papers that break new ground, rather than papers that make incremental contributions, as well as papers that elucidate indigenous management theories. MOR is open to diverse rigorously executed social science research methodologies including qualitative research, surveys, archival and historical analyses, content analysis, laboratory experiments, simulations, and computational methods, as well as papers that synthesize or translate theories and empirical research that make research accessible to scholars outside of disciplinary sub-fields.  

The editors recognize that important new insights are often discovered at the intersection of established theories, research methods, and specific research questions. When considering papers submitted to MOR the editors consider these questions: Does it fall within the domain of MOR? Does it offer fresh insights? Does it tell an interesting story? Is it methodologically competent? And does the evidence or logic substantiate the conclusions?  

To enrich scholarly discourse and promote theoretical innovation, MOR will occasionally publish “Perspective” papers that direct attention to new important evidence-based phenomenon or that redirect or shut down a line of research. Perspective papers will be reviewed in the same way as all other papers published in MOR. In addition, “Momentum” is a special editorial area intended to break ground for the future, revisit past debates, and capture and highlight important current issues in management and globalization. It features essays and interviews designed to stimulate and engage vibrant Dialog, Debates, and Discourse in the scholarly community.


Online Submission

Please submit manuscripts online through the MOR ScholarOne Manuscripts site at

Manuscript Format

Manuscripts must be double-spaced throughout (this includes notes and references) with all margins at least one inch and no more than 40 pages. The first page of the manuscript should include a title, an informative abstract of no more than 200 words, and three to five keywords or phrases. References must be listed alphabetically. All tables and figures should be at the end of the manuscript, after the references.

Editorial Review Process

Management and Organization Review has a decentralized editorial structure composed of Senior Editors and an Editorial Review Board committed to working with authors to develop interesting ideas into publishable papers. Each Senior Editor has the autonomy to accept or reject a paper for publication or to request that the author revise and resubmit the paper. The decisions of Senior Editors are binding on the journal.

MOR is committed to provide in-depth, constructive, and insightful reviews. Therefore, authors are invited to nominate two Senior Editors who are best suited to oversee the review of the paper. Prior to nominating two Senior Editors please review the list of Senior Editors and their research interests. Feel free to review their personal web sites. The Editor in Chief will make the assignment of the Senior Editor. In addition, authors are invited to nominate up to four reviewers (with suitable expertise and no conflict of interest with the author(s) as potential reviewers for the paper being reviewed). Management and Organization Review will make every effort to select one author-nominated reviewer. Manuscripts are reviewed in a double-blind process by at least two reviewers. The Senior Editor integrates his or her independent evaluation with those of the reviewers to provide guidelines for revising the paper when it is considered suitable for potential publication in MOR or reasons for why the paper is not suitable for publication in Management and Organization Review.

To maximize the match between the research reported in the paper, it is important that authors give careful thought to the nomination of the two Senior Editors and ad-hoc reviewers.

The guidelines provided to reviewers are available on the MOR web page ( Authors are encouraged to read these guidelines so that they are aware of MOR reviewers’ expectations.


Please send any questions regarding the submission or review process to Tina Minchella (, the Managing Editor for Management and Organization Review.