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Significance MEDICAL Virtual Issue,

Published: 04 Jun 2010


Significance MEDICAL Virtual Issue

Significance 0150 statistics making sense The magazine of the Royal Statistical Society

A collection of easy to read articles addressing medical issues

Weighing in: does obesity raise the risk from swine flu?
Diamanto Mamuneas, Maria Viskaduraki

Survival of the sickest: tracking their progress
Byron Jones

The waiting game: how long is long enough?
Byron Jones

Dr Fisher's casebook : Don't spell it "clinical trail"
Dr Fisher

Do antidepressants work? Statistical significance versus clinical benefits
Blair T. Johnson, Irving Kirsch

Investigating the link between the Pill and cancer
Phil Hannaford

Babies, bottles, breasts: is the WHO growth standard relevant?
Tim Cole

Experimental design, genetics and animal toxicity tests
Michael Festing

The National Health Service 0150 Can it Survive?
Nigel Edward

Vaccine scares
Nick Andrews