Congenital Anomalies

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Edited By: Yuji Nakajima

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Special Issue

Click here to view the special issue on Developmental Neurotoxicity Testing.
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Also read a special introduction from the associate editor, Dr. Aoyama (in Japanese only)
Special issue on Developmental Neurotoxicity Testing

Radiation-related Articles - Free online

Radiological protection for diagnostic examination of pregnant women
Tomoko Kusama and Katumasa Ota

PSK, a biological response modifier, modifies p53 expression, mitosis and apoptosis in X-ray irradiated mouse embryos: Possible cellular mechanism of the anti-terato-genic effect
Yukiko Kagohashi, Hiroyuki Naora, et al.

Developmental abnormalities induced by ionizing and nonionizing radiation
Minoru Inouye and Xue Zhi Sun

Measurement of DNA Damage in ICR Mouse Embryos at Preimplantation Stage Using a Comet Assay
Asako Maruyama and Tomoko Kusama

Radiation-Induced Apoptosis and Developmental Disturbance of the Brain
Minoru Inouye

Radiation-induced Anomalies: Report of a Study Conducted in Chernobyl
Yukio Satow, Gennady Lazjuk, et al.

Stage Differences in Developmental Disorders in ICR Mouse Embryos Irradiated with Gamma-Rays
Tomoko Kusama and Yasunari Hasegawa

Prenatal Exposure to Atomic Radiation and Brain Damage
Masanori Otake, Hiroshi Yoshimaru, et al.

Avoidance Learning Deficits in Prenatally Gamma-Ray Irradiated Rats
Yoshitaka Tamaki, Kiyoshi Hoshino, et al.

Abnormal Cerebral Vascularity in Mice with Histogenetic Disorders of the Cerebral Cortex and Postnatal Manifestation of Hydrocephalus
Shoko Kimura, Yoshihiro Fukui, et al.

Teratogenicity of Tritium Water to Rat Embryos
Yukio Satow, Juing-Yi Lee, et al.

High Sensitivity of Fertilized Eggs to Radiation and Chemicals in Mice: Comparison with that of Germ Cells and Embryos at Organogenesis

Conotruncal Anomalies Induced in Chick Embryos by 2 MeV Neutron Radiation
Tsukasa Kawamura

Transplacental and transgenerational late effects of radiation and chemicals
Nomura Taisei


Human Teratogens: Environmental Factors Which Cause Birth Defects, April 26 – 28, 2015

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New Virtual Issue: Developmental anomalies in Embryo-Fetal Developmental Studies

In this issue, papers on terminology, historical control data, and methodology, which have been published in Congenital Anomalies since 1997, are selected. Read the Virtual Issue online here.

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