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30 year Anniversary Special Issue now published!


This special issue includes invited papers exploring the history of AJA and gerontology in Australia, advances in research, education and practice in geriatric medicine and gerontology, and the role of ageing advocacy organizations in Australia and New Zealand, over the last 30 years.

Editor's Pick - Free access

Prevalence of physical activity behaviour in older people: Findings from the Dynamic Analyses to Optimise Ageing (DYNOPTA) project and Australian national survey data
Jane Sims, Carole L Birrell, et al.

Promoting the use of enduring powers of attorney in older adults: A literature review
Leander K Mitchell, Nancy A Pachana, et al.

Nutrition and older Indigenous Australians: Service delivery implications in remote communities. A narrative review
Kellie Schouten, Melissa A Lindeman, et al.

Systematic review of non-transportation rates and outcomes for older people who have fallen after ambulance service call-out
A Stefanie Mikolaizak, Paul M Simpson, et al.

'HAPI' life model for the new older generation in Korea
Jeeyeon Kim

Violence against rural older women: Promoting community awareness and action
Karen A Roberto, Nancy Brossoie, et al.

Doing what's important: Valued activities for older New Zealand Māori and non-Māori
Valerie A Wright-St Clair, Mere Kepa, et al.

Cities, environmental stressors, ageing and chronic disease
Deborah Black, Kate O'Loughlin, et al.

The care of older people during and after disasters: A review of the recent experiences in Queensland, Australia and Christchurch, New Zealand
Paul Goldstraw, Edward Strivens, et al.

Media reports on dementia: Quality and type of messages in Australian media
Colleen J Doyle, David R Dunt, et al.

Validity and reliability of the Geriatric Anxiety Inventory in Parkinson's disease
Sally F Matheson, Gerard J Byrne, et al.

Which Aged Care inpatients are potentially suitable for community-based acute care?
Robyn M McCarthy, Susan J Ogle, et al.

The KICA Screen: The psychometric properties of a shortened version of the KICA (Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment)
Dina LoGiudice, Edward Strivens, et al.

Care staff attitudes and experiences of working with older people with dementia
Wendy Moyle, Jenny E Murfield, et al.

Exploring the effect of foot massage on agitated behaviours in older people with dementia: A pilot study
Wendy Moyle, Amy Nicole Burne Johnston, et al.

Medication-related problems in patients referred to aged care and memory clinics at a tertiary care hospital
Rohan A Elliott and Michael C Woodward

Older people's decisions regarding ‘ageing in place’: A Western Australian case study
Duncan Boldy, Linda Grenade, et al.

Approving for a Community Aged Care Package: Experiences and perceptions of six metropolitan aged care assessment service teams
Delwyne Stephens, Yvonne Wells, et al.

Spirituality, religion, social support and health among older Australian adults
Annette Moxey, Mark McEvoy, et al.

Australia's use of the Cornell scale to screen for depression in nursing homes
John Snowdon, Damien Rosengren, et al.

A suite of evidence-based continence assessment tools for residential aged care
Beverly O'Connell, Joan Ostaszkiewicz, et al.

Expectations of later life support among lesbian and gay Queenslanders
Mark Hughes

Development and testing of a questionnaire to measure older people's experience of the Transition Care Program in Australia
Stacey Masters, Lynne Giles, et al.

Minimising harm to older Victorians from heatwaves: A qualitative study of the role of community-based health profession and carer organisations
Judith A McInnes, Joseph E Ibrahim

The Eden model: Innovation in Australian aged care?
Maree Petersen, Jeni Warbuton