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2016 (Volume 70)

July (Issue 7)

Food for thought: do you ask about eating?
L. Citrome (Pages 516 – 517)

Mind the gap – surviving in the modern world
A. S. Wierzbicki (Pages 517 – 519)

The gamma gap and all-cause mortality risk: considerations of physical activity
P. D. Loprinzi and O. Addoh (Pages 625 – 529)

The spectre of ghostwriting: eroding public trust in physicians, clinical trial integrity and biomedical authorship
L. M. DeTora (Pages 630 – 633)

June (Issue 6)

Effectiveness of treatment with biologic- and disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs in rheumatoid arthritis patients in Colombia
J. E. Machado-Alba, A. F. Ruiz & M. E. Machado-Duque (Pages 506 – 511)

Efficacy and safety of fulranumab as monotherapy in patients with moderate to severe, chronic knee pain of primary osteoarthritis: a randomised, placebo- and active-controlled trial
A. J. Mayorga et al. (Pages 493 – 505)

Effects of orlistat vs. metformin on weight loss-related clinical variables in women with PCOS: systematic review and meta-analysis
S. K. Graff et al. (Pages 450 – 461)

Innovative health informatics as an effective modern strategy in diabetes management: a critical review
S. K. David & M. R. M. Rafiullah (Pages 434 – 449)

May (Issue 5)

GPs views and understanding of PSA testing, screening and early detection; survey
J. Sutton et al. (Pages 389 – 395)

Comparison of nocturia response to desmopressin treatment in elderly men with and without nocturnal polyuria in real-life practice
S.-L. Chen et al. (Pages 372 – 379)

Justification for conducting neurological clinical trials as part of patient care within private practice
R. G. Beran, D. Stepanova & M. E. Beran (Pages 365 – 371)

April (Issue 4)

The epidemiology of hospitalised acute kidney injury not requiring dialysis in England from 1998 to 2013: retrospective analysis of hospital episode statistics
N. V. Kolhe et al. (Pages 330 – 339)

Prostate-specific antigen testing rates and referral patterns from general practice data in England
S. Moss et al. (Pages 312 – 318)

Acute kidney injury – nephrology's latest problem child
D. Goldsmith (Pages 300 – 301)

March (Issue 3)

Beliefs about medicines are strongly associated with medicine-use patterns among the general population
K. Andersson Sundell & A. K. Jönsson (Pages 277 – 285)

Weight management in obesity – past and present
D. Haslam (Pages 206 – 217)

Zika: where it has been, where it is going, and how to stop it
R. Stein (Pages 182 – 185)

February (Issue 2)

How to use the medical subject headings (MeSH)
N. Baumann (Pages 171 – 174)

A randomised, double-blinded study comparing giving etoricoxib vs. placebo to female patients with fibromyalgia
H. Mahagna, D. Amital & H. Amital (Pages 163 – 170)

Fibromyalgia: management strategies for primary care providers
L. M. Arnold, K. B. Gebke & E. H. S. Choy (Pages 99 – 112)

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