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Editor's Choice

2015 (Volume 69)

July (Issue 7)

Management of reflux esophagitis: does the choice of proton pump inhibitor matter?
J. Labenz et al. (Pages 796 – 801)

Subclinical hypothyroidism: a historical view and shifting prevalence
J. V. Hennessey & R. Espaillat (Pages 771 – 782)

Stroke prevention with rivaroxaban in higher-risk populations with atrial fibrillation
H.-C Diener et al. (Pages 743 – 756)

June (Issue 6)

Nationwide time trends and risk factors for in-hospital falls-related major injuries
T. S. H. Jørgensen et al. (703 – 709)

A meta-analysis of published studies of endothelial dysfunction does not support its routine clinical use
A. Cardona et al. (649 – 658)

May (Issue 5)

Do patients initiate therapy? Primary non-adherence to statins and antidepressants in Iceland
G. Thengilsdóttir et al. (Pages 597 – 603)

Implications of incretin-based therapies on cardiovascular disease
M. E. Rotz et al. (Pages 531 – 549)

Skin reactions at the application site of rivastigmine patch (4.6 mg/24 h, 9.5 mg/24 h or 13.3 mg/24 h): a qualitative analysis of clinical studies in patients with Alzheimer's disease
G. Alva et al. (Pages 518 – 530)

April (Issue 4)

Incidence and predictors of new-onset constipation during acute hospitalisation after stroke
S.-F. Lim et al. (Pages 422 – 428)

Lisdexamfetamine for binge eating disorder in adults: a systematic review of the efficacy and safety profile for this newly approved indication – what is the number needed to treat, number needed to harm and likelihood to be helped or harmed?
L. Citrome (Pages 410 – 421)

Medical photography: current technology, evolving issues and legal perspectives
M. T. Harting et al. (Pages 401 – 409)

Constipation during acute hospitalisation: vigilance critical for all patients at high risk
G. W. Ruhnke & D. O. Meltzer (Pages 388 – 389)

March (Issue 3)

Response to clarifying the costs of conflicts of interest
T. P. Stossel et al. (Pages 385 – 386)

Clarifying the costs of conflicts of interest
C. Mayes et al. (Pages 384 – 385)

COPD: early diagnosis and treatment to slow disease progression
T. Welte et al. (Pages 336 – 349)

Addressing conflict of interest in non-pharmacological research
A. M. Clark et al.(Pages 270 – 272)

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