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Editor's Choice

2016 (Volume 70)

February (Issue 2)

How to use the medical subject headings (MeSH)
N. Baumann (Pages 171 – 174)

A randomised, double-blinded study comparing giving etoricoxib vs. placebo to female patients with fibromyalgia
H. Mahagna, D. Amital & H. Amital (Pages 163 – 170)

Fibromyalgia: management strategies for primary care providers
L. M. Arnold, K. B. Gebke & E. H. S. Choy (Pages 99 – 112)

2015 (Volume 69)

December (Issue 12)

The utility of a ‘non-significant’ coronary angiogram
T. K. M. Wang et al. (Pages 1465 – 1472)

Prostate cancer and the PCP: the screening dilemma
M. T. Rosenberg, A. C. Spring & E. David Crawford (Pages 1438 – 1447)

Systematic review of the relationship between artificial sweetener consumption and cancer in humans: analysis of 599,741 participants
A. Mishra et al. (Pages 1418 – 1426)

November (Issue 11)

Flu vaccinations: a justified pain in the arm?
A. Barnes & F. M. Iqbal (Page 1387)

Communication in healthcare: a narrative review of the literature and practical recommendations
P. Vermeir et al. (Pages 1257 – 1267).

Comparative efficacy and safety of antidiabetic drug regimens added to stable and inadequate metformin and thiazolidinedione therapy in type 2 diabetes
W. J. Saulsberry et al. (Pages 1221 – 1235)/

October (Issue 10)

Potential uses of wearable technology in medicine: lessons learnt from Google Glass
T. D. Aungst & T. L. Lewis (Pages 1179 –1183)

Should patients prescribed long-term low-dose aspirin receive proton pump inhibitors? A systematic review and meta-analysis
A. Tran-Duy et al. (Pages 1088 – 1111)

Barriers and facilitators to starting insulin in patients with type 2 diabetes: a systematic review
C. J. Ng et al. (Pages 1050 – 1070)

September (Issue 9)

Burden of smoking among adults with COPD, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema in urban China
A. Goren et al. (Pages 1015 – 1028)

Brexpiprazole for schizophrenia and as adjunct for major depressive disorder: a systematic review of the efficacy and safety profile for this newly approved antipsychotic – what is the number needed to treat, number needed to harm and likelihood to be helped or harmed?
L. Citrome (Pages 978 – 997)

A multidisciplinary, biopsychosocial treatment for non-cardiac chest pain
J. B. Chambers et al. (Pages 922 – 927)

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