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Edited By: Seamus Martin

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ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2014: 77/290 (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)

Online ISSN: 1742-4658

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  1. Dual sgRNAs facilitate CRISPR/Cas9-mediated mouse genome targeting
    Jiankui Zhou, Jianying Wang, Bin Shen, Li Chen, Yang Su, Jing Yang, Wensheng Zhang, Xuemei Tian,and Xingxu Huang

  2. Generation of eGFP and Cre knockin rats by CRISPR/Cas9
    Yuanwu Ma, Jing Ma, Xu Zhang, Wei Chen, Lei Yu, Yingdong Lu, Lin Bai, Bin Shen, Xingxu Huang, and Lianfeng Zhang

  3. The role of protein glycosylation in Alzheimer disease
    Sophia Schedin-Weiss, Bengt Winblad and Lars O. Tjernberg

  4. The effects of acute and chronic exercise on PGC-1, irisin and browning of subcutaneous adipose tissue in humans
    Frode Norheim, Torgrim Mikal Langleite, Marit Hjorth, Torgeir Holen, Anders Kielland, Hans Kristian Stadheim, Hanne Løvdal Gulseth, Kåre Inge Birkeland, Jørgen Jensen and Christian A. Drevon

  5. Genome modification by CRISPR/Cas9
    Yuanwu Ma, Lianfeng Zhang and Xingxu Huang

  6. Cancer stem cells - important players in tumor therapy resistance
    Selcuk Colak and Jan P. Medema

  7. Emerging trends of long non-coding RNAs in gene activation
    Jaya Krishnan and Rakesh K. Mishra

  8. L1 retrotransposons, cancer stem cells and oncogenesis
    Patricia E. Carreira, Sandra R. Richardson and Geoffrey J. Faulkner

  9. A brief history of macromolecular crystallography, illustrated by a family tree and its Nobel fruits
    Mariusz Jaskolski, Zbigniew Dauter and Alexander Wlodawer

  10. Dynamic protein ligand interactions – insights from MS
    Carla Schmidt and Carol V. Robinson

 *Most downloaded papers published in 2014, based on the number of downloads per article from January to December 2014.