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Virtual Issue Ion Channels and Transporters

August 2010 Virtual Issue Membrane Trafficking

Papers Selected by Hermona Soreq and Ferdinand Hucho

Front cover: Figure 1 from I K Pajeva et al. (2009) FEBS J 276: 7016-36 and Figure 2 from E C Crowley and R Callaghan (2010) FEBS J 277: 530-539

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Among the molecules that are pivotal for neuronal function are some of the most prominent membrane proteins: the ion channels and transporters. In this Virtual Issue we have brought together papers covering not only classical ion channels like voltage-dependent potassium channels and G-protein activated potassium channels, including some channel-specific toxins, but also representatives of the large family of Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) channels. We also extended the focus to intracellular interaction partners, following recent evidence that the interaction of channels with proteins of the cytoskeleton plays a major role in signal transduction.

Because of the abundance and variety of representatives of the other group of neuronal membrane proteins presented in this issue, the transporters, we have focussed on one subgroup: the multidrug resistance transporters. Although they are not exclusively neuronal, we feel that they are of special interest for neuropharmacologists.

This Virtual Issue gives an overview of the sort of cutting-edge work published in FEBS Journal on ion channels and transporters.

Ion Channels


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