The Clinical Teacher

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Edited By: Jill Thistlethwaite & Michael Ross

Online ISSN: 1743-498X

Associated Title(s): Medical Education

The Clinical Teacher Article Collection


Art in clinical teaching
Michael Ross

Similar but different: the importance of context
Jill Thistlethwaite

Safety and simulation
Michael Ross

The stories we hear and the stories we tell
Jill Thislethwaite

Backwards and forwards…
Jill Thistlethwaite

Scholarship and The Clinical Teacher
Michael Ross

Evidence-guided education
Jill Thistlethwaite

Learning together to work together
Jill Thislethwaite

Teaching the teacher
Steve Trumble

Riding the wave
Steve Trumble

Preparation for practice
Steve Trumble

Hitting the sweet spot
Steve Trumble

Ethics, publication and The Clinical Teacher
Jill Thistlethwaite & Steve Trumble

Time to teach (to teach)
Ashley Newton

The reason for clinical simulation
Steve Trumble

Peer review: purpose, process and publication
Jill Thistlethwaite

When competent isn’t good enough
Steve Trumble

Successful writing for clinical teachers
Steve Trumble

The basic sciences as preparation for clinical learning
Steve Trumble

The way forward for The Clinical Teacher
Steve Trumble

The risk of rudeness
Steve Trumble

Making it matter
Steve Trumble

Building the bond between teachers and learners
Steve Trumble

Enthusiasm: it’s catching
Lucie Wright

Welcome to the conversation: webgaging the discussion about medical education
Joshua L. Jacobs

Fight or flight
Steve Trumble

Making sense of global issues
Steve Trumble

Clinicians who teach
Steve Trumble

The view from here:

The other side of the hospital bed
Christie Palladino

Starved of teaching in the Emergency Department: inspiration for change
Rachael MacLeod

Cutting edge: teaching future surgeons
Sarah Al-Himdani & Lopa Patel

Vulnerability and the beginner's mind
Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu

Value of assessment of medical students
Sanjib Kumar Ghosh

Early specialty courses and the spiral of learning
Philip McElnay

MedEdPORTAL: a resource for health educators
P. Ravi Shankar

An orchestral metaphor for interprofessional collaborative practice?
Gary Rogers & Janice Chesters

Perspective from a student problem-based learning facilitator
Lucy Homer

The mentor–protégé relationship in medicine
Kai Xiong Cheong

The medical school rumour mill: a repeating cycle of misinformation
James Shelton & Sara Dorman

Is there evidence of power in my teaching?
Umesh Dashora & Rebecca Morris

Do we need to be taught how to care?
Faraz Mughal & Arwa Meki

Progression from an anatomy demonstrator to a surgical trainee
Omar Mirza

Do we teach medical students acute care skills?
Alexander Carpenter & Reshad Khodabocus

Psychoeducation: a new opportunity for postgraduate training
Laurie Windsor

The Prescribing Skills Assessment
Haresh Selvaskandan & Aravindhan Baheerathan

Teaching undergraduate medical students: are we hitting a wall?
Hannah Beckwith

Is patient satisfaction affected by a student?
Chantelle Wiseman

The patient's perspective
Neel Sharma

Circassian circle: application of dance techniques for small group teaching
Morkos Iskander

Workplace-based assessments: lost in translation?
Jason Ali

The olfactory examination: a waft of disease
Samuel Kent & Frances Parkinson

The hidden value of a mock OSCE
Victoria Bennett & Daniel Furmedge

Dealing with the unpredictable

Medical student research in Iran
Sina Zarrintan & Reza Rikhtegar

How not to do things
Elapulli Prakash

From theory to practice: the reality of failing a student
Jane Currie

A symbiotic approach to mentoring future academics
Lesley Thoms, Kiran Parmar & Timothy Williamson

Reflecting in the Middle East: blossoming trees
Deborah Wake et al

Common problems, shared solutions
Suzanne Jackson

Tears on my pillow
Terry Kind

Feedback on trainee doctors: a faculty group review in practice
Jason Goh & Mike Clapham

The transition from student peer-tutor to junior doctor teacher
Jasmin Farikullah

Back to basics
Richard Lin

A night out with the class of 1956
Roxanne Keynejad & John Sowton

Junior doctors: a vastly underused educational resource?
Alistair Burns

Meeting the stranger: the introduction of medical students to psychiatry by patient-teachers
Bodine de Walle & Manon Gosselink

Challenges of the transition from student to educator
Simon Tso

Surgical induction courses: a junior trainee’s perspective
Kavit Amin & Robert Hone

No medical students allowed
Liang En Ian Wee

Growth in empathy during clinical exchange
Manon J. Gosselink & Tom Witteveen

Being a faculty member of the PSG-FAIMER Regional Institute
Pathiyil Ravi Shankar

Learning biomedical ethics in the clinical context
Jin Rong Low

Feedback delivery as a peer-tutor
Lucia Magee, Elspeth J.R. Hill & Edward J. Maile

It’s all sleight of hand
James Leong

Reflections on a surgical elective in Tanzania
Shaun Shi Yan Tan

Subclinical unprofessionalism
Chapy Venkatesan

Preparing for practice: what really counts?
Victoria R. Tallentire

Gifts and trainees: appreciation or means of manipulation
Shahid A. Khan

Looking back on problems I encountered in problem-based learning
Francesca Liuzzi

Introductions: an observational study
Martin Lee

Emergency operative training and peer learning in practice
Senthurun Mylvaganam

First footprints of an expedition doctor
Sarah Drake

How do you tell a student that they smell?
Susie Schofield

Developing ‘The World of Medicines’ in a Nepalese medical school
Ravi Shankar et al

Universal health care – a right for all?
Elizabeth M. Wood

Post-European Working Time Directive experience in operative training
Senthurun Mylvaganam

Making a dent: teaching and acute medicine
Stephen Gulliford

Cultural biases in the consultation: learning from reflection
Daniel Jones

My stateside elective
Rory Mackinnon

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