Cover image for Vol. 21 Issue 3

Edited By: Guy Lodge, Will Paxton and Nick Pearce

Online ISSN: 2050-5876

Society Information

IPPR, the Institute for Public Policy Research, is the UK’s leading progressive thinktank. We are an independent charitable organisation with more than 40 staff members, paid interns and visiting fellows. Our main office is in London, with IPPR North, IPPR’s dedicated thinktank for the north of England, operating out of offices in Newcastle and Manchester. Our work covers the full range of local and national policy debates, and our international partnerships extend IPPR’s influence and reputation across the world.

The purpose of our work is to assist all those who want to create a society where every citizen lives a decent and fulfilled life, in reciprocal relationships with the people they care about. We believe that a society of this sort cannot be legislated for or guaranteed by the state. And it certainly won’t be achieved by markets alone. It requires people to act together and take responsibility for themselves and each other.

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