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Ppsych in the News!

Jessica Methot appeared on NPR's Morning Edition to discuss her and her colleagues' research on workplace friendships. Listen to the interview, and read the article here!

Brian Holtz's PPsych article "From First Impression to Fairness Perception: Investigating the Impact of Initial Trustworthiness Beliefs" has been picked up by several news outlets recently; Some Faces Just Get Away With Stuff in New York Magazine; Do you have a face that lets you get away with anything? Researchers find our features can influence how guilty people think we are from the Daily Mail; and A face that could get away with anything on the British Psychological Society blog

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The One Question You Should Ask About Every New Job
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Uncertainty About Jobs Has a Ripple Effect

Personnel Psychology article The Best and the Rest: Revisiting the Norm of Normality of Individual Performance by Herman Aguinis and Ernest O'Boyle Jr. is in the news!

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Personnel Psychology article Star Performers In Twenty-First-Century Organizations by Herman Aguinis, Ernest O'Boyle Jr. is in the news!

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The Best of PPsych

2016 Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award for Excellence in Work-Family Research
The 2015 article “Deciding Between Work and Family: An Episodic Approach” has been selected as one of five finalists. Enjoy free access to the article, and look for the announcement of a winner at the Work and Family Researchers Network conference on June 24 in Washington, D.C.

The Best Reviewer Award for 2016:

The Best Reviewer Awards recognize the individuals who wrote the highest quality and most timely reviews over the past year, and did so while assuming a heavy workload on behalf of the journal. The winners of these awards are chosen by the editor and four associate editors. The winners of the 2016 Personnel Psychology Best Reviewer Awards are:

Kaifeng Jiang (University of Notre Dame) and Philip L Roth (Clemson University)

The editorial team expresses its gratitude for the extraordinary contributions you have made to Personnel Psychology.

The Best Article Award for 2016:

Personnel Psychology published 25 articles in 2014. The Best Article Award committee was asked to identify the article that best aligns with Personnel Psychology's mission to publish research that makes significant theoretical, empirical, and practical contributions to the study of people at work. The committee consisted of Bradford S. Bell (Cornell University), Wendy R. Boswell (Texas A&M University), John D. Kammeyer-Mueller (University of Minnesota), and Jennifer D. Nahrgang (Arizona State University). The committee selected one winner and two additional finalists. The winner of the Personnel Psychology Best Article Award for 2014 is:

Personality and Leadership Composition in Top Management Teams: Implications for Organizational Effectiveness
Amy E. Colbert (University of Iowa), Murray R. Barrick (Texas A&M University), and Bret H. Bradley (University of Oklahoma)

The study makes an important contribution to the literature by showing that organizational effectiveness is influenced by not only the personality and leadership composition of the top management team but also CEO personality and transformational leadership. In contrast to prior work in this area, the authors demonstrate these joint effects using direct measures of personality and leadership rather than proxy variables from archival sources or demographic data.

The other two finalists similarly represent outstanding contributions to the study of people at work. These articles combine strong theory and rigorous research designs to examine questions of significant practical importance. They include (in alphabetical order by first author):

Spotlight on Age-Diversity Climate: The Impact of Age-Inclusive HR Practices on Firm-Level Outcomes
Stephan A. Boehm (University of St. Gallen), Florian Kunze (University of St. Gallen), and Heike Bruch (University of St. Gallen)

Driving it Home: How Workplace Emotional Labor Harms Employee Home Life
David T. Wagner (Singapore Management University), Christopher M. Barnes (University of Washington), and Brent A. Scott (Michigan State University)

The Personnel Psychology editorial team extends our congratulations to the 2014 Best Article Award winner and finalists, and expresses our appreciation to the members of the Best Article Award committee.

AOM 2015's Saroj Parasuraman Award
A special congratulations to Stephan A. Boehm (University of St. Gallen), Florian Kunze (University of Konstanz), and Heike Bruch (University of St. Gallen) for their latest award-win for their article "Spotlight on Age-Diversity Climate: The Impact of Age-Inclusive HR Practices on Firm-Level Outcomes."

Last year, this same article won the prestigious Vontobel Award for Research on Aging.