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Ppsych in the News!

Brian Holtz's PPsych article "From First Impression to Fairness Perception: Investigating the Impact of Initial Trustworthiness Beliefs" has been picked up by several news outlets recently; Some Faces Just Get Away With Stuff in New York Magazine; Do you have a face that lets you get away with anything? Researchers find our features can influence how guilty people think we are from the Daily Mail; and A face that could get away with anything on the British Psychological Society blog

Covered by The New York Times Uncertainty About Jobs Has a Ripple Effect

Personnel Psychology article The Best and the Rest: Revisiting the Norm of Normality of Individual Performance by Herman Aguinis and Ernest O'Boyle Jr. is in the news!

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Covered by Government Executive article Why You Shouldn't Grade Employees' Performance on a Curve

Personnel Psychology article Star Performers In Twenty-First-Century Organizations by Herman Aguinis, Ernest O'Boyle Jr. is in the news!

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Covered by Fast Company article Are Star Performers The Only Employees Who Matter?

Award Winning Article!

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The One Question You Should Ask About Every New Job
      The New York Times highlights research from Personnel Psychology

Read the PPsych article here.

The Best Reviewer Award for 2015:

A special congratulations to Russell E. Johnson (Michigan State University) and Mo Wang (University of Florida)

The Best Article Award for 2015:

Work-Family Conflict and Flexible Work Arrangements: Deconstructing Flexibility
Tammy D. Allen, Ryan C. Johnson, Kaitlin M. Kiburz, and Kristen M. Shockley

Also congratulate the finalists for the award:

Win-Win-Win: The Influence of Company-Sponsored Volunteerism Programs on Employees, NGOs, and Business Units
Paula Caligiuri, Ahsiya Mencin, and Kaifeng Jiang

A Meta-Analytic Investigation of the Within-Person Self-Efficacy Domain: Is Self-Efficacy a Product of Past Performance or a Driver of Future Performance?
Traci Sitzmann and Gillian Yeo

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AOM 2015's Saroj Parasuraman Award

A special congratulations to Stephan A. Boehm (University of St. Gallen), Florian Kunze (University of Konstanz), and Heike Bruch (University of St. Gallen) for their latest award-win for their article "Spotlight on Age-Diversity Climate: The Impact of Age-Inclusive HR Practices on Firm-Level Outcomes."

Last year, this same article won the prestigious Vontobel Award for Research on Aging.