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Edited By: Simon Leather

Impact Factor: 2.046

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2016: 7/56 (Agriculture Multidisciplinary)

Online ISSN: 1744-7348

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Over the past 10 years, the Annals of Applied Biology has published a number of papers on research which is relevant to increasing crop NUE. 12 of these papers are described here and are presented in full in the Annals of Applied Biology Virtual Issue Crop Nitrogen Use Efficiency

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An Announcement from Simon Leather, Editor-in-Chief:

Simon Leather

"Despite our wide appeal to applied biologists across the world, there are two areas in which we have published relatively few papers, forestry and vertebrates. We have published only seven forestry-related papers since 2010 and it is notable that in the same time period we have not published a single paper on birds as agricultural pests, or indeed on how to encourage more beneficial birds into our agricultural landscape. I would very much like this situation to be rectified over the next 5 years.

I would also like to see more papers being submitted from farmland ecologists, which would include general biodiversity papers; effects of Agri-Environment Schemes (AES) schemes on farmland birds, etc. The Association of Applied Biologists has sponsored a number of conferences in these areas over the last few years, and short summaries of the presented papers have appeared in the very successful Aspectsseries. Unfortunately, however, the full versions have not been submitted to the Annals. With our new raised impact factor I hope that we will now be seen as an attractive journal choice for farmland ecologists.

Although we publish a number of biological control papers, I am keen to see more submissions in this exciting and topical area of research, particularly those studies dealing with the suppression of weeds using insects and plant pathogens. Given the increased public awareness of the potential dangers of overuse of chemical pesticides and the EU stance on pesticide usage, integrated pest management and biological control are even more important than ever."

Journal Scope

The journal publishes original research papers on all aspects of applied research on crop production, crop protection and the cropping ecosystem. Annals contribute substantially to the advancement of knowledge and may, among others, encompass the scientific disciplines of:

Agronomy | Agrienvironmental sciences | Applied genomics | Biodiversity | Biological control | Climate change| Crop ecology| Entomology | Genetic manipulation | Mycology | Nematology | Pests | Plant pathology | Plant breeding & genetics | Plant physiology | Post harvest biology | Soil science | Virology | Weed biology