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AAB Centenary Virtual Issue

Annals of Applied Biology Centenary

Annals of Applied Biology is 100 years old in 2014!


To commemorate this important year in the Journal's history, a series of key articles from the Journal backfiles will be highlighted, alongside contemporary reviews of each article's legacy and future directions within its field of research. These key articles and their responses are collected in this Virtual Special Issue.


Bliss C.I. (1935)

The calculation of the dosage-mortality curve

Annals of Applied Biology 22, 134-167

SE: J. McNicol



D. Finney A help to early users of probits



R. Payne and J. Fosu-Nyarko: Developments from analysis of variance through to generalized linear models and beyond



Jones M.G.K. (1981)

Host cell responses to endoparasitic nematode attack: structure and function of giant cells and synctia

Annals of Applied Biology 97, 353-372

SE: P.J. Lea



I. Grove and R.N. Perry

The important legacy of the paper by Jones M.G.K. (1981) Host cell responses to endoparasitic nematode attack: structure and function of giant cells and syncytia.



M.G.K. Jones Molecular biology of root lesion nematodes (Pratylenchus spp.) and their interaction with host plants



Bedford, I.D., Briddon R.W., Brown J.K., Rosell R.C, Markham P.G. (1994)

Geminivirus transmission and biological characterization of Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) biotypes from different geographical regions.

Annals of Applied Biology 125, 311-325

SE: J. Valkonen



J. Valkonen, The centenary of Annals of Applied Biology in 2014



Roger Jones: Plant virus ecology and epidemiology: historical perspectives, recent progress and future prospects



Giamoustris A., Mithen R. (1995)

The effect of modifying the glucosinolate content of leaves of oilseed rape (Brassica napus ssp. oleifera) on its interaction with specialist and generalist pests.

Annals of Applied Biology 126, 347-363

SE: S. Leather



S. Leather:  Modifying glucosinolates in oilseed rape – Giamoustaris & Mithen (1995): a top-twenty paper in the Annals of Applied Biology


T. Bruce: Glucosinolates in oilseed rape: secondary metabolites that influence interactions with herbivores and their natural enemies


Hirst J.M. (1952)

An automatic volumetric spore trap.

Annals of Applied Biology 39, 257-265

SE: P.J. Lea



R. Kennedy and A.J. Wakeham: Measuring biological particles in the air using the Hirst type spore trap: aerobiology in the age of genomics



J.S. West and R.B.E. Kimber: Innovations in air sampling to detect plant pathogens


Tottman, D.R. (1987)

The decimal code for the growth-stages of cereals, with illustrations.

Annals of Applied Biology 110, 441-454

SE: R. Azevedo



B. Thomas: The value of decimal cereal growth stages



M. Gooding: Decimal growth stages for precision wheat production in changing environments?



Kennedy, J.S., Booth C.O., Kershaw W.J.S. (1961)

Host finding by aphids in field. III. Visual attraction.

Annals of Applied Biology 49, 1-21

SE: S. Leather



S. Leather: What attracts aphids – Kennedy, Booth and Kershaw (1961): host finding by aphids in the field III. Visual attraction – a top 20 paper in the Annals of Applied Biology



T. Döring: How aphids find their host plants, and how they don't