International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology

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Edited By: Hua-Tay Lin and Monica Ferraris

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Associated Title(s): International Journal of Applied Glass Science, Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Policy on Supplemental Materials for the International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology

Authors may include supplemental materials with the submission of their manuscripts. Supplemental materials consist of information that is not critical to understand the article, but adds resources for those readers involved in similar research. Supplemental materials generally fall into three categories. The first is practical details of the research of interest only to those readers planning to reproduce or extend the work in some way. The second category is information that cannot be reproduced in print, such as video data or extensive tabulations of data. The third category is information that might normally be placed in an appendix, but is not necessary to support the main claims of the paper. Supplemental materials must be provided at the time of submission and is subject to peer review. Supplemental materials must contain only the author's original work and each item must be referred to in the main text of the article. For example, figures in the supplemental materials must be labeled and referred to as Fig. S1, Fig. S2, and so forth. The designation "S" must also precede the number of any table or other exhibit in the supplemental materials. The supplemental materials will not be typeset or edited by the Journal before publication. The final publication of supplemental materials is at the discretion of the editors, who discourage the inclusion of superfluous information. At the time of publication, the supplemental materials will be available online only by a link from the main article.