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Edited By: Emilio Bruna

Impact Factor: 1.944

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2015: 71/150 (Ecology)

Online ISSN: 1744-7429

Biotropica's New Editor-In-Chief

Biotropica's New Editor-In-Chief

I am honored to have been named the seventh Editor-in-Chief of Biotropica. Our journal is recognized for publishing some of the most innovative and important research on the biology and conservation of tropical ecosystems, and I excited to be working with our exceptional Editorial Board, our partners at Wiley, and the global community of tropical biologists to ensure that we continue to do so.

For the last seven years Biotropica has been guided by the indefatigable Jaboury Ghazoul, whose dedication, fairness, and profound knowledge of tropical biology have been inspirational. The opportunity to work with him and Associate Editor Marielos Peña-Claros has been an intellectual challenge that exceeded all my expectations, and I am grateful for their leadership and companionship. I am thrilled that Marielos is staying on as Associate Editor and that Wendy Martin will continue as Editorial Assistant; this editorial team will be rounded out by our new Associate Editor Bryan Finegan.

My goals as Editor are threefold. First and foremost I am tasked with maintaining Biotropica’s high standards and excellent reputation. As a result of the efforts of our recent EICs, the quality of the research papers we publish has increased dramatically, and our synthetic reviews and commentary essays are comprehensive, stimulating, and broadly cited. Scholars send us their best work in part because our time-to-decision is among the best in the community (mean = 42 days in 2012) and because accepted articles are rapidly available online. I am committed to ensuring this continues to be the case, as well as to broadening the scope of our reviews and commentaries to include areas central to tropical biology and conservation but which remain underrepresented in our pages. I will also continue to emphasize having an Editorial Board and Referee pool whose diversity reflects that of the ATBC membership, including diversity in geographical representation, research focus, gender, and career stage. This diversity of editors and reviewers is essential to both attracting authors and guaranteeing the fairness in the evaluation process for which Biotropica is widely recognized.

Second, I hope to improve the Biotropica’s outreach efforts and better engage with both our academic community and the general public. The work published in Biotropica is not only scientifically novel, it is conducted in some of the most captivating and threatened ecosystems on Earth. As Editor-in-Chief I will work to increase the visibility of the research we publish and ask the scientists that carry it out to engage with the public to emphasize its importance. As part of these efforts we are developing a more robust social media presence including a newly launched Editor’s Blog (, and I encourage you to both contribute to it and comment on the content there. This blog will also allow us to make the make the editorial process more transparent to our readers by providing insights into how the journal operates and solicit feedback from the community on issues central to the journal and its readership.

Finally, recent years have seen a profound change in the way in which science is conducted and disseminated. One aspect of this is more“open science”, which includes archiving data so they are available for use by others and broadening the availability of computer code, new methods, presentations, and other research products. Journals play a critical role in making scientific research more open, and I hope to work with our Subject Editors, Wiley’s Editorial Staff, the ATBC membership, and our readers to make Biotropica a model of open and engaged science. We are also exploring changes to the way we publish the journal and how we document the impact of our research, always with an eye towards making it more accessible and relevant to the multiple stakeholders we serve.

In closing, thank you for the opportunity to serve Biotropica as Editor-in-Chief. I am humbled by the names of those that have served before me –William L. Stern, Michael G. Emsley, E. Raymond Heithaus, Robert J. Marquis, Robin L. Chazdon, and Jaboury Ghazoul – and I look forward to working with you as we study and conserve tropical ecosystems guided by the commitment excellence they put in place.

Emilio M. Bruna
University of Florida