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Edited By: Le Kang

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The Response of Insects to Global ChangeNew!Special section: Insect, plant and environment interaction
Guest editor: Prof. Keyan Zhu-Salzman

Applied research on host-plant resistance to arthropod pests has been guided over the past 60 years by a framework originally developed by Reginald Painter in his 1951 book, Insect Resistance in Crop Plants. Painter divided the “phenomena” of resistance into three “mechanisms,” nonpreference (later renamed antixenosis), antibiosis, and tolerance. These features have perhaps led to a simplistic approach to understanding arthropod resistance in crop plants... Read more

Special section: Insect, plant and environment interaction

Special section: Insect molecular toxicology and chitin metabolism
Guest edited by Prof. Kun Yan Zhu

Chitin is the most abundant natural aminopolysaccharide and serves as a structural component of extracellular matrices. It is found in fungal septa, spores, and cell walls, and in arthropod cuticles and peritrophic matrices, squid pens, mollusk shells, nematode egg shells, and some protozoan cyst walls. As prokaryotes, plants and vertebrates including humans do not produce chitin, its synthesis is considered as an attractive target site for fungicides, insecticides, and acaricides... Read more

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Virtual issue: Insect-plant interactions

Plants have evolved and diversified to reduce the damages imposed by herbivorous insects. They developed cost-effective strategies to defend against insects. Plant defense, however, imposes selective pressure on insects. This selective pressure provides incentives for insects to diversify and develop strategies to counter plant defense…

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The 2012 Impact Factor is 1.786.
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