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Edited By: Le Kang

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Virtual Issues

Virtual issue: Insect-plant interactions

Reevaluating the conceptual framework for applied research on host-plant resistance
Michael J. Stout

Priming of antiherbivore defensive responses in plants
Jinwon Kim and Gary W. Felton

Emerging role of roots in plant responses to aboveground insect herbivory
Vamsi J. Nalam, Jyoti Shah and Punya Nachappa

The evolutionary strategies of plant defenses have a dynamic impact on the adaptations and interactions of vectors and pathogens
Ordom Brian Huot, Punya Nachappa and Cecilia Tamborindeguy

High basal defense gene expression determines sorghum resistance to the whorl-feeding insect southwestern corn borer
Wei-Ning Cheng, Jia-Xin Lei, William L. Rooney, Tong-Xian Liu and Keyan Zhu-Salzman

Aflatoxin B1: Toxicity, bioactivation and detoxification in the polyphagous caterpillar Trichoplusia ni
Ren Sen Zeng, Zhimou Wen, Guodong Niu and May R. Berenbaum

Comparative analysis of Solanum stoloniferum responses to probing by the green peach aphid Myzus persicae and the potato aphid Macrosiphum euphorbiae
Adriana E. Alvarez, Viviana G. Broglia, Anahí M. Alberti D’Amato, Doret Wouters, Edwin van der Vossen, Elisa Garzo, W. Fred Tjallingii, Marcel Dicke and Ben Vosman

Mechanisms for flowering plants to benefit arthropod natural enemies of insect pests: Prospects for enhanced use in agriculture
Zhong-Xian Lu, Ping-Yang Zhu, Geoff M. Gurr, Xu-Song Zheng, Donna M. Y. Read, Kong-Luen Heong, Ya-Jun Yang and Hong-Xing Xu

Jasmonate- and salicylate-induced defenses in wheat affect host preference and probing behavior but not performance of the grain aphid, Sitobion avenae
He-He Cao, Su-Hua Wang and Tong-Xian Liu

Effect of plant nutrition on aphid size, prey consumption, and life history characteristics of green lacewing
Muhammad A. Aqueel, Catherine M. Collins, Abu-bakar M. Raza, Shahbaz Ahmad, Muhammad Tariq and Simon R. Leather

Salicaceae detoxification abilities in Florida tiger swallowtail butterflies (Papilio glaucus maynardi Gauthier): Novel ability or Pleistocene holdover?
Matthew S. Lehnert and J. Mark Scriber

Testing semiochemicals from aphid, plant and conspecific: attraction of Harmonia axyridis
Pascal D. Leroy, Thomas Schillings, Julien Farmakidis, Stéphanie Heuskin, Georges Lognay, François J. Verheggen, Yves Brostaux, Eric Haubruge and Frédéric Francis

Variability and stability of tea weevil-induced volatile emissions from tea plants with different weevil densities, photoperiod and infestation duration
Xiao-Ming Cai, Xiao-Ling Sun, Wen-Xia Dong, Guo-Chang Wang and Zong-Mao Chen

Effect of Maruca vitrata (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) host plants on life-history parameters of the parasitoid Apanteles taragamae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)
Elie A. Dannon, Manuele Tamò, Cyriaque Agboton, Arnold van Huis and Marcel Dicke