Oil and Energy Trends

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Edited By: Anna Smart

Online ISSN: 1744-7992

Associated Title(s): Oil and Energy Trends: Annual Statistical Review, World Oil Trade

Global Energy Review Surveys

Global Energy Review is an occasional series of articles by Oil and Energy Trends (OET) Consulting Editor, Dr Paul McDonald. Originally published on the oilandenergytrends.com website between 2004 and 2011, these in-depth regional and topical surveys are now available to all readers of Oil and Energy Trends.

Since November 2011 (Volume 36 Issue 11) the survey articles have been published in Oil and Energy Trends.

Dr Paul McDonald is one of the world's leading experts and commentators on the oil industry. He contributes each month an incisive and pertinent 'Focus' article, covering the leading issues in the world of oil and energy, as well as the regular 'Month in Brief' and 'Looking Ahead' articles.

Crisis Special: North Africa

Russia: How much more Oil and Gas?

Iraq: Too ambitious by far?

Iran: Coping with Sanctions

Kuwait: Energy Plans Face Delays

Saudi Arabia: Expansion Plans for Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas in South East Asia

Energy Security in the European Union: Finding new Sources of Natural Gas

Iraq: Prospects for Oil Production

China: Coping with rising Oil Demand

Iran: Trying to prevent a Decline in Output

Latin America and the Caribbean: Oil’s Contrasting Fortunes

Central Asia/Trans-Caucasus: Outlook for Exports

Russia: Outlook for Oil and Gas

North Africa plans higher Production

Middle Eastern Gas: An under-used Resource?

India: The Outlook for Oil

Saudi Arabia: How much Oil and Gas?

West Africa: Prospects for Oil and Gas

Iran: An Oil Producer in Trouble

Non-OPEC: Crude Oil and NGL Production Capacity to 2015

OPEC: Crude Oil Production Capacity to 2015

Rebuilding Iraq: the Outlook for the Energy Sector

China: Driving World Demand?

LNG: Too much or too little?

Russia: How much more Oil and Gas?

North Africa: the Prospects for Oil and Gas

The United States of America and the Quest for Energy Security